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Deal Or No Deal Live - Evolution Gaming


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In the early 2000’s, another game of Casino game show was well known as Miljoenjacht and used to go live on an exciting TV show generated by the Dutch company Endemol. The name of the game was changed to Live Deal or No Deal after Australian ownership. Australian companies innovated and added many new factors that enhance the excitement of the game. The game become online when Evolution Gaming takes over and added multipliers with the chances of winning up to 500x of players’ bet volume.


• Some basic features of Deal or No Deal Live are mentioned below:
• After a qualification duration of two minutes, the game begins.
• The goal behind the qualification duration is the alignment of gold sections for unlocking the vault.
• During this process, every spin adds the chance to win the highest prize of 75x to 500x from anyone's briefcase out of a total of 16.
• After qualification of this round, the player progress to the top-up game round that also exists for two minutes.
• The player can again spin but with 5x to 50x paying prize of his bet volume from any briefcase.
• After qualifying this round, the next round is the main round to deal or no deal.
• The host allows the player to select 1 briefcase out of 16 displayed briefcases each containing a surprise prize. The host then offers the player to take some cash amount in replacement of the selected briefcase.
• It is all the player’s choice to choose money or try his luck in other rounds.


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Nice review!


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