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Last forum post will win! Giveaway 🎁100€

New giveaway that will boost forum activity. This giveaway is similar to the "Last post win game" we played last month, but slightly different.

In this giveaway, we will not compete just in one forum post, but we will track activity throughout all forum topics.


Forum comment that will remain the last for 2 hours wins.

So, if your forum comment remains the last one this forum for 2 hours, you will win 100€. 

If there is no winner within 1 month, the user with the most forum comment posted during that month will win.

Time period: 11.10.2023-11.11.2023


Only quality comments will be accepted. Spammy 1-2words comments, gifs, periods will not be accepted in this giveaway. You need to write it at least few words comments that are realted to topic you writing in.

And all comments must be original, written by you and not copied and pasted.

So here are few tips how to participate in this giveaway:

- Betting Picks Competition ( Joining our betting competition is a great way to post quality comments and also participate in 2 giveaways.)

- Big wins ( Share your big wins with forum members is a great way to contribute good value to this forum.)

- Daylie betting tips ( Create a topic where you can share your betting picks or PrtSc of your bets.)

- Gambling, sport, crypto realted news

- Write comments ( All comments need to be related to the topic you are writing in.)

- Let's talk! ( In this topic, you can communicate with other users about random topics. Anything you want to discuss, as long you write quality comments. )

- Create a club ( You can create your own club about any topic you want and post comments there. )


Basically, you can post anything you want. If you post quality comments, you will be eligible to participate in this giveaway!


You can check which post was most recently posted in the sidebar (Latest Posts).

or here https://forum.alphagamblers.com/discover/

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