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  2. The Rangers have not yet won a World Series. But the tea has made World Series appearances twice. The last time the Diamondbacks were in the World Series was in 2001, when they beat the New York Yankees. TEXAS NEVER WON EVER LETS GO TEXAS
  3. Congrads to @Rok223432 again gl with your prize $ Next one will be NFL playoffs so if your interested do your homework on the NFL lol
  4. and philly loses to Arizona !
  5. wow Rok bro professional mlb prediction
  6. Congrads! to @Rok223432 for choosing Texas to win Thanks everyone for playing hope to do this again soon
  7. final Game 7 tonight gl @Aeken and @Rok223432
  8. day 13 Texas hits a grand slam in the 9th to win 9-2 bringing us to game 7!
  9. ok ok i messed up a lil this series is best of 7 and i thought it was still best of 5 so games go on day 12 Houston VS Texas- 5-4 for Houston @Aeken takes a 3-2 lead over @Rok223432 one more win for @Aeken and he wins the compatition - 2 more wins from @Rok223432 and he will win Philly VS Arizona - 5-6 for Arizona i am now tied 2-2 in my series
  10. The ALCS began in 1969 as a best-of-five playoff and used this format until 1985, when it changed to its current best-of-seven format. IM SORRY ALL THIS SERIES IS BEST OF 7 NOT 5
  11. I just woke up from bad and see the score in the MLB website and i just amazed by see the score
  12. your welcome did u watch the game?
  13. Thank you man for this kind of giveway
  14. Final score 5-4 for Houston! what a comeback from a 0-2 series comeback to win 3 games straight and go to the world series! Our WINNER Congratulations @Aeken you win 10$ Thanks everyone for playing that was fun
  15. omg 3 run homerun in the top of the 9th to go ahead 5-4 for houston what a game
  16. 3 runs in the 6th inning and texas takes the lead 4 =2 only 3 inning left
  17. 1-0 already for houston ...homerun second batter sheeeeshhh
  18. this is a must watch game ... this will be a game i can actually watch lol
  19. Final game is at 11 pm CET today gl you two @Rok223432 and @Aeken
  20. Day 11 Arizona beat Philly 2-1 I am now 2-1 Houston won as well 10-3 @Rok223432 and @Aeken are tied 2-2 new win wins
  21. Grand slam Houston the fight is real
  22. Day 9 / day 10 day 9 - Arizona VS Philly seen philly win 10-0 against Arizona i go up 2-0 Day 10 - Houston vs Texas seen Houston win 8-5 giving @Rok223432 a 2-1 lead over @Aeken but Houston may be making a come back as Texas seems to have trouble at home
  23. day 8 Texas vs Houston 5-4 Texas @Rok223432 take a 2-0 lead over @Aeken

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