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The pciks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 2.50 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:


  • Bet365
  • Pinnacle

You can only take these bet types:


  • Team to win or Draw
  • Over/Under goals (Game total)
  • Both Teams to score


Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.

  • Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.


The Prize pool is tiered,

First Place will win 200€,

Second Place 100€,

Third place 50€.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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G2 vs Vitality

These two teams are evenly match and is both ranked top 10 GLOBALLY. This match can go either way, a true 50/50 and yet Bookmakers see G2 as the favorites but only by the slight margin. G2 are favored for their better performance than Vitality over the last couple of weeks. Or it can be due to G2’s fragging potential being far superior to that of Vitality at least for the time being.

The last time these two met was a little more than a week ago on IEM Dallas. G2 defeated Vitality on Dust 2 (Their own map!) and closed it out with 2:0 on Inferno. But lets not forget Vitality won several games against G2 in the their matchups before Dallas!

Just like before, this match will depend on their their teams best players. 

- ZywOo (Vitality)

- NiKo (G2)

 The game relies on them as fragging potentials since their utilities are already evenly matched and these two are the usual deciding factors for wins.

However, i am willing to take my chances and believe Vitality will overtake G2 and exact their revenge from last game. 

VITALITY on 2.33x match winner.

4F495E1D-4388-4838-A0C8-7DA2264BE822.thumb.jpeg.8df20263f3381670412d9b128730f115.jpeg lost -100 POINTS


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My pick for today will be Nick Kyrgios to win the match odds 1.6
Match is between Nick and Stefanos Tsitsipas.
Kyrgios showed a strong start during the grass part of the season. Last week, Nick played pretty good at the tournament in Stuttgart, where he managed to reach the semi-finals. One step away from the decisive match, Nick was defeated by Andy Murray (6-7, 2-6).
In the first round in Halle, Nick met with one of the local tennis player Daniel Altmaier and managed to beat him in two sets (6-3, 7-5). Let's talk about Stefanos. Stef on grass does not feel as confident as, for example, on the clay, hard. That is why he got a rather difficult start at the current competition.
In the first round, Stefanos met with Benjamin Bonzi and managed to beat Bonzi in 3 sets (7-6, 1-6, 6-3). Recall that last week Tsitsipas took part in the tournament in Stuttgart, where he lost to Andy Murray (6-7, 3-6). My pick for this match is appropriate because Stefanos doesn't play good on grass court.

Screenshot_20220615_115357.thumb.jpg.f96233d96b174f683c5db85a3fc642d2.jpg won +160

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Base Ball I am going for the White Sox to beat the Detroit Tigers @1.90 My reasoning is psychological edge, Chicago have beaten the Detroit 4 times this year already and having that winning mentality and belief can go a long way. Also The white sox are favorites to win the division and have been playing pretty well. 

1958732870_Screenshotfrom2022-06-1513-24-21.png.c8fc75c1420c5fe5c48f0a983bba0975.png won +190

The pitchers are going to be a big feature and with the return of Vince Valasques for Chicago it will boost there chances of a win. On the other hand rookie pitcher Alex Faedo is under way more pressure to perform and the question is does he have the mind set to stave off the nerves and have a good game. The odds would suggest the match is pretty even but I think the Sox will take this one comfortably and win by at least 3 or 4 points. Good luck to me on my first ever MLB prediction.

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Hello, sorry today I was in office so can't post any predictions. Made this on my break time so posting it. Will posting predictions again from tmrw.
Match is in between Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants
So, my pick for the competition will be Under 9 games at 1.82 odds.
First, I will tell you my tip, then I will explain the preview of the match and the reason behind picking the bet. San Francisco Giants is on a 5-game winning streak at the MLB. Meanwhile, Kansas City Royals are losing their 6 match at away in the MLB. Previously, The San Francisco Giants won a big-time game against the Kansas City Royals with a score of 4 to 2. Luis Gonzalez and Joc Pederson both scored runs, while Darin Ruf grounded into a double play. Brandon Crawford had three strikeouts, but Wilmer Flores and Austin Slater also scored runs. Both teams are ranked National League West #3 and American League Central #5 respectively
Reason: Giants pitching been great. Royals struggling. Giants have only gotten 5 hits each of their last 5 games. Giants games have gone 9 or under 10 consecutive games.IMG_20220615_231526_929.thumb.jpg.f0c861296a6236a85f15a830d304219e.jpg won +181

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