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Telekom Baskets Bonn vs Bayern Munich Prediction


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image.png.6807c34126f05c7ed0e14116d7a113f6.pngTelekom Baskets Bonn

The team made a lot of noise during the playoffs, but do not forget that they managed to finish the main tournament in second place. The guys of Tuomas Lisalo started their journey with a series of confrontations against Hamburg, which quickly ended (3-0).

"Bonn" reached the semi-finals and just stuck with Bayern. None of the opponents even thought of giving up, so at the moment the score is a draw (2-2). Everything will be decided in the fifth match at the Telecom Dom arena, however, according to bookmakers, the hosts Bonn have less chance of success.

image.png.6d4e0d39cbe8ef75f7b88190c2e78451.pngBayern Munich

Bayern Munich are not far behind the opponent, because they also showed themselves well in the framework of the regular championship of Germany. The team did everything possible to not leave Chemnitz the slightest chance in the first round of the playoffs (3-0).

Bayern in a fighting mood approached the semi-final stage, where they faced a real test. Andrea Trinkier's club understood that it would be hard, but not that hard. The series has dragged on, as four matches have already been played, and who will play against Alba is still unknown. In a word, one of the most important matches of the season lies ahead.


Match Time/Venue: 8 Jun 2022 at 18:45 UTC, Venue: Telekom Dome, Bonn


In the last meeting, Bayern had a great opportunity to close the series, but the nature of the opponent made Andrea Trinkier's team make a mistake. Now we have to go to visit and fight there for a ticket to the final stage of the tournament.

The players of Bonn can only be given their due, because they showed character at the right moment and it is precisely such factors that play an important role in key confrontations. We assume that the native walls and the support of the home stand will help the guys of Tuomas Iisalo to compete for the victory. At stake is a ticket to the final, the teams are charged for the fight, so no one will relax. In recent personal matches, the opponents have repeatedly demonstrated a good game in attack and it seems that at this stage you need to prove yourself ahead again.

Betting tip 1: handicap (+5.5) points for Bonn for odds of 1.74 odds

Betting tip 2: total over 158.5 points for 1.58 odds

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