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BTC Analysis


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As everyone knows, BTC is the Boss of the coins in the market right now at 30k per coin. But the thing here is that it's hovering above its yearly support. Will it hold there, go up or possibly go even more down? No one really knows but there are people who can make some pretty good predictions!

Making some research i was able to understand that:

Bitcoin has been stuck in that $30k support gap for a while now, that tells us that the buyers strongly defend this level and that if BTC breaks that support and rises up to $33k it may breakout a recovery rally. The next step upon a breakout is the target of $65k per coin

So we can expect sooner or later a rise on the BTC to $65k or even more. Until then we do the waiting game and buy the Dip. 


Resistance level- $30500-$33000

Support level- $28500-$26700

Make sure to make your OWN research before getting into anything, this is just a analysis and im not advising you to get into anything!

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