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What is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is prize of sorts it acts almost like bait to entice you to sign up and deposit on the casino. There are many many online casinos out there and some of them find the best way to attract new customers is to offer some kind of bonus. The bonuses are designed to get players to sign up to a specific casino and hopefully make a deposit. There are various different deposit methods that you can use to get your money on to a casino in order to play. Be aware that not all deposit methods are eligible for the casino sign up bonus, for example if you make your first deposit with Skrill then this deposit method may not get you your bonus. Make sure you carefully read the casino bonus terms and conditions. If you make a mistake on your first deposit then you may not get your casino bonus at all!

What type of Casino Bonuses are there?

The main bonuses that casinos offer new players fall into three categories; either Free Spins, Deposit bonus or Free Money. These bonuses will almost always come with wagering attached. The casino bonus always has strict terms and conditions. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of your bonus before you make a single bet. I can't stress this point enough as I am sure most of you that watch casino streamers and pay attention to stream chat will have seen many people coming in and saying how the casino has refused to pay (many thousands in some cases) out to the player, because they have broken the casino bonus terms and conditions. The casino has the right to forfeit your bonus at anytime if the rules have been broken-So again I say to you read the terms and conditions of the bonus very carefully!

What is Wagering?

Wagering is almost certain to come with any bonus that a casino will give you. In the bonus rules it will say something like: "50 Free spins, winnings must be wagered 50x". This means the casino will give you 50 free spins on a certain slot and what ever you win will have to wagered 50 times. A wager is how much you bet. Wagering is the process of placing multiple bets and tallying up how much you have bet. So if you win 10 Euros from your 50 free spin deposit offer and have to wager the 10 Euros 50 times, then you have to make a total of 500 Euro in bets before the bonus turns into real cash balance. Different casinos will have different rules and different wagering requirements.

High Wagering Casino Bonus:

In all honest you want to avoid high wagering casino bonuses! A high wagering casino bonus is any bonus that comes with over 60x wagering requirement. To turn this bonus into cash you will have gamble your winnings or cash prize 60 times which is very hard to do. A 10 Euro casino bonus will mean you will have to make 600 Euros in bets before you can withdraw any money. In my experience this is really quite hard to do. But be aware that some bonuses come with even more wagering attached, I have seen bonuses that come with 100x or 120x wagering which unless you run like "God" is almost unbeatable.

Low Wagering Casino Bonus:

Low wagering casino bonus are what shrewd players are looking for when signing up to a new casino. Low wagering casino bonuses can come with as little as 1x wagering, which means you just need to play your winnings through once in order to be able to withdraw as cash. But a good low wagering casino bonus is considered to be from 1x to 50x in my opinion. You should be able to find many bonuses with 30 or 35x wagering requirements. The lower the wagering the more likely that you will be able to make a cash out!

Deposit Free Spin Casino Bonus:

A free spin bonus from a casino when you sign up is very common and many casinos offer free spins and a deposit offer. But some will offer you free spins when you sign up and make a deposit. The free spins are generally allocated to a specific slot. For example many casinos will give you free spins to be played on Netent's StarBurst slot. And this has been a standard game for you to get spins on due to its low volatility. In order to get the free spins you will have to make a deposit of at least 10 or 20 Euros, once your deposit has been accepted then the casino will give you free spins to play with. Most of the time the free spins will come with wagering but not always and it often depends on how much you deposit and how many spins you are awarded. For example a casino that gives you 10 or 20 free spins may award the winnings a cash balance. But a casino that gives you 100-200 spins will almost certainly have wagering attached, so make sure you read the T&C's.

Non Deposit Free Spins Bonus:

This type of bonus is awarded sometimes just for signing up to a casino! Some casinos will offer up to 50 free spins just for creating an account. How ever these types of bonus are much less common these days as it is quite open to bonus abuse. Bonus abuse is where a player can slightly bend the rules and get away with cashing out money from a non-deposit offer. Non deposit offers are very often capped. Meaning the amount you can withdraw is limited, I mean no casino wants to give you 10 free spins and have you cashing out 10k do they?

Deposit Offers/Deposit Match Casino Bonus:

You are almost certain to find one of these offers at every casino you sign up to. They are very simple and can give you a slight edge against the casino if used wisely. A deposit offer is awarded when you make your first deposit at a casino, for how ever much you deposit the casino will match the amount or in some cases give you 200-500% on top to play with. But of course wagering will be attached or we would just deposit and cash out without placing a single bet. There are many types of deposit offer, "sticky", "non-sticky" are two more common deposit bonuses.

Sticky Casino Deposit Bonus:

A sticky bonus is where the casino awards you a deposit offer and you can't cash out until you have met the wagering requirements. You are forced into keep playing until all the requirements have been met and the wagering completed.

Non-Sticky Casino Deposit Bonus:

A non-sticky casino bonus is basically the same except that you can cash out at anytime unless you go into the bonus money. Meaning if you deposited 50 Euros and the casino gives you 50 Euro deposit offer and you win 1000 Euro without going into the bonus funds then you can cash out and forfeit the 50 Euro the casino gave you. If you go into the bonus funds you are then tied into the wagering requirement for the bonus.

Live casino Bonus:

The live casino section is becoming as popular as the slots section. Some casino can offer a deposit bonus or bonus money that can be used in the live games section. It is important for you to understand that most live game bonuses vary on the amount of wagering each game counts towards your final wagering requirement. This means some live games will count only a small % towards the wagering requirement. Take Black Jack for example, it is not uncommon that how much you bet playing Black Jack, only 10% will count towards the wagering requirement. SO for example you bet 100 Euro playing Black Jack only 10 Euro will count towards the overall wagering of the bonus funds. When taking a live games bonus it is always worth checking out what games have the highest percentage of wagering against them. Doing this will help you beating the wagering.

Other Casino Bonuses:

Other types of bonuses that casinos will offer players are free bets or live game bonuses. Casinos make a lot of money from people betting and loosing and it is profitable for them to offer players different kinds on bonuses. This is for several reasons, firstly players like to get stuff for "free". Free stuff makes you feel like you are being looked after to an extent and if a casino looks after you then you are much more likely to return and play.

100%,200%,300% and 500% Match bonus:

Casino match bonuses have gradually increased over the years. They started with a simple 100% match but casinos have gradually tried to out do each other by offering players bigger and bigger match bonuses. All of these deposit match bonuses will come with wagering and the more they give you the more you have to wager. Remember if something seems too good to be true it generally is and most casino deposit offers come with some sort of catch. Check the offer out thoroughly before you make your deposit, sometimes you can deposit and locked in to a really bad bonus and this can be tilting.

Land based casino bonus:

Even land based casinos are giving players bonuses. Land based bonuses are similar to online bonuses, the casino will give players free spins and bonus funds to come in and use in a real life casino. It seems as though land based casinos are using a similar tactic to online casinos in order to keep players coming through their doors. Land based casinos also offer loyalty bonuses to keep players coming back and spending.

Casino Loyalty Bonus:

Casinos want players to keep coming back and spending money. Loyalty bonuses are designed to ensure players return to a casino. Loyalty bonuses work by players spending money, the more you spend in the casino the more loyalty points a casino will award you. You can convert loyalty points in to prizes, free spins and bonus cash.

Free Bets Casino Bonus:

Sports betting platforms and casinos alike offer players free bets as a bonus. The free bets that betting companies offer usually come with 1x wagering. You can earn free bets by placing specific types of bets or just betting on a specific sporting event. The free bet amount is usually deducted from any winnings, for example if you are give a 10 Euro free bet and win 100 Euro- the final payout will be 90 Euro.

Best Casino Bonuses:

Some would argue that the best bonus you can get from a casino is no bonus at all. I don't think this is the case though, you can get very good deposit bonuses sometimes if you look around. You can find the odd bonus with 10x wagering attached, although winnings can be capped. You can take a Non-Sticky bonus, which is essentially like an extra life against the casino. Although on non-sticky bonuses the wager tends to be quite high 50x plus. It really depends if you want to use the casino money just to play for a bit longer or if you want to be able to cash out when ever you feel like it.

Free Casino Cash Bonus Funds:

Some casino will even give you free money when you sign up, be aware though this will always come with wagering and the amount you can win will e capped. On these type of bonuses do not be surprised to see wagering of 100x or more. They are very hard to beat and really just designed to get you to sign up to a casino.

Crypto Deposit Offers:

The rise of the crypto casino has seen new market emerge. Countries that have had regulations in place to stop the population gambling have found a way to get these customers playing. So with this influx of new players have come some amazing bonus offers. Some casinos are offering deposit matches of up to 1 BTC, meaning you deposit one bit coin and get one free to play with. Currently BTC is around 30,000$ and although this will come with wagering it is still a great offer. Crypto casinos have you the same tactics as other online casinos to get new players. With bonus money, free spins, deposit bonuses and rake back.

Rake Back Casino Bonus:

Rake back is awarded to players for how much they play on a casino. Rake back has been popular on poker platforms for years now and it is basically the casino giving the player a little bit of their profits back. Rake is how much the casino skims from the top of your bets, it is a way that casinos make money. So the more you play the more rake you will get back, it is again profitable for the casinos to do this as the player thinks they are getting rewarded of sorts.

Casino Bonus Max Bet:

It is important to read the terms and conditions, I have said this many times already in this post. Very often in the terms it says you can't bet more than commonly 5 Euros on most casinos bonuses. If you break these rules then your bonus can be forfeited and you loose any winnings that you may have made from the bonus.

Time limits:

As well as having a max bet limit most bonuses that a casino will award come with a time limit. You will have a limited amount of time to complete the wagering. This is really worth taking note of because if you have a lot of wagering and not enough time to complete it then you can loose your money! For example if you deposit 1000 Euro and get a 200% match that has to wagered 50x with a max bet of 5 Euro's and only 48 hours to complete the wagering- Then you might struggle as to turn the funds into cash you will need to bet 150,000 Euros. So pay close attention to what the time limit is on the bonus to avoid any mishaps.

Wagering and Beating a Casino Bonus:

Wagering and beating a casino bonus is not always easy, although if you are shrewd and find a good casino bonus it can give you a slight edge against them. In order to beat a casino bonus and release it into cash funds can be done and getting a really good cash out is possible. Finding slots with a high hit frequency and low RTP is key to beating slots bonuses. If you play a game that is insanely high volatility then you may not get anything back from the game, although you could hit big and then easily beat the wager, so it swings and roundabouts really.

Beating a live game casino bonus can also be done, although trying to beat the system and betting on red and black on roulette is not permitted and will be against the bonus T&C's, normally you can only cover 60-70% of a roulette wheel before your bet breaks the rules- This is another thing that you need to check when trying to beat the wager and before you make a deposit.




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Anyone think of anything else I need to add please?

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