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Wagering Bonus Money!


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When you sign up to a new casino you will almost always get some sort of deposit bonus. The deposit bonus normally comes in some sort of money match. For example deposit 20e get 20e free, the only catch to this "free money" is that you will have to wager it! Wagering means playing with the money basically and if you get a 20e deposit bonus you will have to wager it anywhere from 10-100x before it becomes money you can withdraw. So for example if you deposit 20e and the wagering requirement is 10x, then you have to play 200 euro worth of slots spins or what ever other  games are allowed for wagering.

Wagering Tactics for deposit offers,

When you get a casino bonus the wagering requirements can be pretty tough to beat. So finding games that have good RTP is crucial to beating the wager. Playing low stake non volatile slots is probably the best way to beat the wagering. Methods like betting on dual chance outcomes is forbidden by casinos because obviously you could bet an equal amount on both outcomes. It is important to read wagering terms and conditions very carefully, if you break the rules then the casino won't pay and trust me if they can find a way to not pay they will! So follow the rules very carefully. Make sure you stick to the max bet that is normally set around 5 euros, if you go over this amount you could loose everything.

So some games that I recommend for wagering are games like starburst, BTG megaways games which can hold your balance steady for long periods of time, betting the 1 and 2 strat on live wheels can also be very good. Possibly the best one we have found so far comes from the new game from Pragmatic, Spaceman.


This is an incredibly simple game but if played right you can wager huge sums very quickly (remember stick to the max bet on bonus terms!!) You have the chance to cash out your winnings on very small odds and can set auto cash out at odds of 1.01 I think so if you are shrewd you can bet and collect very early and there for each bet you place counts towards the wagering, plus you will be making a small amount on each bet you place. This game only came out on the 24th March so most casinos will not have banned the game from wagering bonus money! So you will need to get on this quickly before the casinos start to realize. Check first before you start playing if you can wager with this game if not this tactic will fail. But if you can play this game and if you do it right it is essentially the casino giving you free money. You still need a bit of luck tho but playing this way on Spaceman swings the odds somewhat in your favor!


It surely won't be long before all casinos ban this game from wagering, so if I were you I would get on this one whilst you can. Make sure you stick to the plan of completing the wagering requirements as your primary goal. If you get greedy on Spaceman it will rip your balance like any other game, good luck and I hope you all get some free money from the casino.

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