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Black Mamba Slot Review


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The Black Mamba slot machine in the casino invites you to an incendiary performance of a rock band. Users are waiting for a real concert, as well as big wins, because the slot has 4 different bonus features, free spins and a multiplier that increases winnings in case of collecting several combinations in one spin.

About the slot

Unlike traditional slot machines, Play'n Go's Black Mamba online slot offers the player a 5x5 square field. There is no linear bet in the slot, coins are not used either. The user immediately charges a spin fee, which can range from 0.2 to 100 credits in the casino currency.
Due to the non-standard field, there are no regular paylines, and even the usual way of making combinations taking into account the reels. You can win money in the slot if you add 3 or more identical symbols side by side vertically or horizontally. It does not matter which reels it is on: a paid sequence can appear even in the center of the field.

The same icon can be used in different prize combinations, but after the prize is calculated, all paid ones disappear. If there were symbols above them, they are shifted to the cells below. Prizes are recalculated again. This mechanic can be called Avalanche, the most famous device where it is used is Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt. Unlike the classic version, in the rock band slot, empty cells are not filled with anything until the end of all respins.


During a normal game, on spins that did not bring a win, one of three solo features can be activated:

The appearance of Alexandra destroys 2 types of symbols on the field, randomly selected.
Cecilia adds up to 2 wilds.
Fred replaces one character with another: both icons are determined by random.
Another secret of the regular game mode is the consecutive win multiplier. Each missing combination activates an additional multiplier. Its value is displayed on the dynamics to the left of the reels. With a new rotation, the multiplier is reset.

The slot machine does not provide for a risk game or a progressive jackpot, but even without them, the slot has enough variety in the gameplay. The developers also announced a fairly high maximum win - up to x5000 bets. The RTP of the slot machine is 96.5%.


After success with House of Doom, Sabaton and Demon slots, developer Play'n Go once again teamed up with a musical group to create an original slot machine. The Italian rock band "Black Mamba II" consists of four members: Martin Corey (vocals), Alexandra Maiolo (guitar), Cecilia Nappo (bass) and Federico Maragoni (drums). All of them have become the main characters of the Play'n Go game and have acquired their own unique features.
Interestingly, when creating a slot machine, the group members actively collaborated with the developer. They visited the company's office more than once to talk with producers, artists, designers and sound engineers. As a result, the slot came out quite in the style of a musical group. As planned, the player goes to a rock band concert, and therefore sees not only highly paid symbols with band members, but also other paraphernalia: microphones, headphones, cymbals with drumsticks, and so on.

The slot includes the band's original music: the soundtrack is taken from the new album. It was released in October, and in November it already appeared in the machine. During the regular game, you can hear the songs Monsters and Natural Born Disaster, and the free spins are accompanied by the hit Watch Me When I Fail.

There is no scatter in the machine, but there are 2 wilds at once. One of them is the band's logo with a snake, and the second is an image of vocalist Martina Corey. Wild substitutes for any icons in the prize combination, and Martin also doubles the standard payout.

Bonus game

It is interesting to play Black Mamba slot machine for free and without registration thanks to two non-standard bonuses. The first, "Concert", is completely different from all other additional levels that are found in slots. The second one is free spins with additional features
Free spins are considered more important than the first bonus: if both features are hit on one spin, only free spins are triggered. And the Concert bonus can be activated from the free spins mode.

1. Bonus game "Concert"

The "concert" begins under several conditions. The bonus starts immediately if the user managed to collect a combination of 4 symbols with the image of the main characters. Or it is activated if the indicator on the speaker in the lower left corner is completely filled. This happens when collecting combinations with the participation of musicians. With each new spin, the indicator is reset.

The bonus level starts with an animation during which the user sees the entire group. Then all solo functions go in the standard order: Alexandra destroys 2 types of symbols on the field, Cecilia adds 2 wilds to random cells, Fred replaces one icon with another (usually, with the one that is already on the reels). The last member, vocalist Martina, destroys the bottommost line of symbols and sometimes adds her own image to it. You cannot restart the feature, but during it there is a chance to win free spins.

2. Free spins

The second bonus in the slot machine is the free spins mode. Eight free spins are triggered when the user manages to clear the entire field during the normal mode or after the end of the "Concert". This is not so easy to do, but the mechanics of the game slightly increase the chances: if only wilds remain on the field, they disappear, triggering free spins. Also, after the "Concert" bonus, the field can be cleared by triggering a function from Martina, which removes the entire bottom line of icons. Even if the image of the vocalist appears instead of the symbols below, it will still disappear, because this is a wild

During free spins, the player is accompanied by 2 party members: Martin and one random character. The vocalist removes the cells of the bottom row and sometimes adds her image with each spin, and the second musician joins during the spins in which the user failed to add paid combinations. If the player clears the entire field, he receives an additional bonus x50 bets.

Attention is drawn to the bonus multiplier: it is saved in free spins and increases not from one, but from the moment of “freezing”. For example, if a user hits free spins during the "Concert" and received a x7 multiplier before they start, each free spin of the reels will start with this multiplier. Moreover, it increases according to the standard rules and can reach x10-x14.


  • bonus features and multiplier during regular mode
  • free spins with an additional bonus that is activated with each spin
  • bonus mode "Concert" with sequential launch of 4 functions
  • two wilds
  • excellent graphics and musical accompaniment using the rock hits of the Italian band


  • confusing mechanics that are difficult for a beginner to understand
  • no risk game and no progressive jackpot
  • average RTP of 96.5%


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