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Aviator Slot Review


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In 2019, the portfolio of the Spribe provider was replenished with one of the most unusual developments. It doesn't look like a standard machine. There are no reels, lines and symbols here. The Aviator online slot from Spribe offers the user to follow the plane and catch a big win before it takes off. The device is popular on gambling sites due to non-standard gameplay, relatively simple rules, and high-quality visuals.
About the slot
The rules may seem unusual (at first glance), but you can quickly get used to them. The gameplay is built around a happy plane, as the manufacturer himself calls it. At the beginning of each round, he appears on the playing field. As long as the aircraft is in sight, the payout ratio goes up. The task is to have time to withdraw it to the game account. And you need to do this before the plane takes off. Otherwise, the bet is forfeited.
The result is determined using a random number generator. There is no jackpot in the slot, as well as fixed coefficients of prize payouts. The multiplier is determined randomly and increases from the beginning to the end of the round. It is impossible to predict how long it will last. In some cases, the plane leaves almost immediately after the start, but more often it hovers for several minutes, so the user usually has time to catch the jackpot.

You can run the slot in desktop and mobile versions. RTP is 97%. Volatility is between low and high. The slot belongs to the multiplayer category. Players do not interact with each other in any way in terms of gameplay, but can communicate with each other and exchange impressions. In one round, it is allowed to make one or two bets. The user himself chooses how many of them to use and how much to activate on each. Participation as an observer is also allowed. You can not place a bet and just follow the process on the screen.

Users have the right to play the Aviator slot machine for free and without registration. To do this, you need to run it in demo mode. The gameplay will not differ from the full version. You cannot download the device to run without Internet access. The algorithm boils down to the following actions:

  • The user enters the game.
  • Selects the bet amount.
  • Waiting for the round to start.
  • Withdraws payments before the plane takes off.

If the player managed to press the button in time, the account is replenished by the corresponding amount. If not, then the bet is forfeited. You can see how much was received for the current session in the table with statistics. In total, each user has a chance to win up to 10,000 credits

The action takes place on a minimalistic dark background. At the beginning of the round, a small aircraft with a propeller takes off from the lower left corner of the screen. It moves from left to right. A growing chart is displayed along the flight path. The current payout ratio is shown in the center. After the end of the round, it is applied to the bet made. This is how the winning is formed, which goes to the user's account.
The round ends like this: the plane flies away, the inscription Flew Away! appears on the screen, it turns out whether the user is entitled to win. Animation can be disabled. In this case, only the changing multiplier is displayed on the main screen. By default, ambient music plays in the background, the game is accompanied by the sound of an aircraft engine. In a special menu, you can switch to silent mode.



  • unusual gameplay
  • payouts up to 10,000 credits
  • simple gameplay


  • no bonuses
  • no risk game
  • no jackpot
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