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Gambling records in the Guinness Book


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The biggest winnings

Record payouts attract the most attention. Thanks to luck, the lucky ones not only changed their lives, but also inscribed their name in the history of gambling.     image.jpeg.0b02eed3ef24ae51b7628c17c33ad953.jpeg

Slot machines

Microgaming's Mega Moolah slot set several records at once. The first one was recorded on October 6, 2015. Then British resident John Heywood won the jackpot of €17,879,645 million on BetWay. In the Guinness Book of Records, this is the largest payout in online slot machines.

Information about another record has appeared on the Microgaming website. At the Grand Mondial offline casino on September 28, 2018, one of the visitors hit the jackpot of €18,915,872 - this achievement has not yet been added to the Guinness Book.


Christina worked as a cleaner in Berlin at the age of 36 until she received €90 million in Lottoland's EuroJackpot lottery. The probability of winning is approximately 1 in 95,344,200.


In Macau, on March 3, 2015, several hundred players gathered at the Sands Cotai Central Hotel. Participants fought for a prize fund of 119 million Hong Kong dollars - $15 million. The first place was taken by Lin Haisan. The winner took 100 million Hong Kong dollars.


British resident Christine Bradfield became richer by £1.1 million on January 27, 2008. She received a record amount of money in the National Bingo Game at Castle Leisure.

World Series of Poker

Every year, professional players take part in one of the most prestigious tournaments - WSOP. The "Unofficial World Poker Championship" is held at Casino Rio, Las Vegas. In 2012, the largest prize for the first place was recorded here - $18,346,673. This was made possible thanks to a record buy-in of $1 million. The victory went to an Iranian-American Antonio Esfandiari.

Records with chips

The "internal currency" of the casino can be used not only for betting. There are amateurs in the world who find unusual use for chips.

The largest collection

Gregg Fisher is a member of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club. He collects $1 chips. Representatives of the Guinness Book recorded a record on October 4, 2020 - the American collection included 818 copies.

The most expensive feature

For the convenience of players, the casino provides different denominations - from $1 to several thousand. Ordinary chips are of no value outside the institution, as they consist of plastic or other inexpensive materials. Canadian jeweler Gerald Levy decided to give them values.

A gold chip with inlaid gems on May 30, 2013 was included in the Guinness Book. It was estimated at $450 thousand.


Most casino visits

Not all players like to say how often they place bets. This does not apply to the next record holder Edwin Wheeler. The American visited 358 different casinos between 1995 and 2002. He looked into some of them twice, so in total he sat down at the dealer's table 372 times.

A couple of gambling fans set another record. From 19 to 20 October 2017, Kimo A Yoon and Gary Meyer visited 74 Las Vegas casinos in 24 hours. Two Americans managed to improve their previous result. In 2015, they played in 69 casinos in 24 hours.

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i like mega moolah from micro gaming 😄

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