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Hello and thanks for signing up to the Alpha forum!

Latest new members: @Tomolee@Dipu chakma@Freshleaf@Isaque@ArvindDass@Tenzin Dasel@Mahesh nukathoti@Kashtan@Epa Moni@Kaif@Shanker

The forum is a great place for you to "hang" out and talk about gambling related topics. You can meet like minded people and find out about the best casino offers. You can get gambling tips and strategies. You can post you BIG wins!  You can send mail and direct messages to other people that use the forum. You can enter free give away competitions and see Bonus Hunters recent stream wins all in one place. So again thank you for taking the time to sign up and take a quick look through this post to help you find your way around.


Top of the Home page: The top of the page is where you can see your notifications and quick links to other areas of the site. You can also see the mail icon on the right hand side of the screen, this is where you can send mail and check any mail you have received. There is also a search feature to make it easier for you to find the content or give away you are looking for, just type in what you are trying to find and click search.



Topics: The forum has a lot of posts, so to make it easier to navigate there are sub categories. If you are searching for big wins you simply scroll down and find the big win heading, all the relative content will be stored there. There are quite a few different topic headings, live casino, slots, big wins, crypto, giveaways and many more. It is required that you try and post content in the corresponding sub categories, purely so other people can find it!

The first section of  topics: At the top of the page are the pinned topics, they have been pinned by admin and in this section you will find the current giveaway competitions and other important information.

The second topic section: The second topic section is the current feed, if you write a new post this is where you will find it. All new activity and posts can be found here, so feel free to comment on what other people have written and join in the discussion.

Once you have scrolled past the current feed you start to come to the the sub categories, if you want to make a post in say Slots Providers,


All you have to do is click the slots provider heading and it takes you to the slots providers posts, once you are here you can look through all the posts on slots providers. You can also create your own post by clicking on the yellow "start new topic" button on the top right of the screen.



If you click the "start new topic" you are taken to a new screen where you will be able to create a new post.


Once you are here you can write a new post about slots providers, you can upload media to make the post more appealing to readers and there are plenty of easy to use tools. The tools available are all you will need to make a post easy to read and interesting. Feel free to have a play around with the functions and get yourself familiar with posting content.

Message from the Alpha Team:

Here at Alpha gamblers we are trying to create a fun and unique place for like minded gambling enthusiasts to hang out and talk, share stories and big wins. We want to keep the forum a friendly and welcoming and include all people where ever you come from on this little planet of ours. So please help us continue to grow by sharing your stories and experiences from you own gambling and most of all have a good time on the site and enjoy yourself!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact one of out administrators by clicking on their name: @AlphaGambler

@Arou, @Maniés, @Garf79, @PupperChan

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