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What is ludomania, its signs and consequences.


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Ludomania from the casino is a pathological addiction to gambling. It belongs to a form of uncontrolled addictions, progressing at the personality level. It is accompanied by disorders not only of the psyche, but also of important spheres of life.




What is ludomania

The term refers to dependence in the form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The World Health Organization gave it another name - a pathological attraction to gambling, leading to social degradation and destruction of the psyche. This results in the loss of friends, family, work, and also causes more severe consequences - up to the emergence of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.   image.jpeg.dcb6b375aba2b44438c194f44a10c18c.jpeg

Causes of the disease

A certain event in life or a number of factors can provoke the development of ludomania. Doctors divide them into several categories, taking into account the mechanisms of involving a person in addiction.

Availability of games

Once there was  ban on gambling in many countries post 2009, many hoped for an improvement in the situation with ludomania. But this led to its wider distribution. The game has become available on the Internet. It is now possible to visit online casinos at any time.


Character of the gamer

Some people are more likely to engage in addiction than others. This is due to personal characteristics and psychological factors:

  • Social phobias.
  • A feeling of unnecessaryness and loneliness.
  • Complexity.
  • Impressionable.

Personal motivation

Experts have established that a certain category of people is involved in gambling because of personal motivation, which is due to the following reasons:

  • The desire to get a big jackpot to change life. A person wants to achieve financial independence.
  • The desire to get those feelings that cannot be experienced in real life. These include risk, adrenaline, etc.
  • Playing as a way to get away from problems.

Family relations

The unfavorable psychological situation at home also causes gambling. Common factors:

  • Disrespect in the family.
  • Constant conflicts and quarrels with relatives.
  • Incorrect distribution of responsibilities between family members.
  • Physical violence.
  • Not enough money for expenses.

Varieties of dependencies

There are several types of game addictions. The treatment regimen for all types of addictions is the same, as the causes and mechanisms of development are the same.

From slot machines to the casino

Ludomania is associated with gambling. This includes roulette, maps, different types of slots. They attract people with the opportunity to win easily. And it is not necessary to make a deposit to receive it. Many casinos offer bonuses for the game, and this is gradually addictive.

From computer games

A person has a constant desire to play on his phone or PC. The variety and fascinatingness of the plots, the ability to compete with others stimulate you to spend more time at the monitor. An additional motivation is the development of eSports. In special tournaments, players compete for large cash prizes.

From sports betting

This dependence is more serious than on slot machines and computer games. The reason is the ability to predict outcomes. When a person understands one or more sports, there is confidence that he is able to make money on it. Unsuccessful bets encourage you to delve into betting more. All this turns into ludomania and large losses.

From activities in financial markets

We are talking about trading in currency, stocks and other assets. Unsuccessful transactions are perceived as commonplace here. They only spur traders to more active trading.

Symptoms and external signs

Ludomania, unlike drug addiction and alcoholism, may not manifest itself for a long time. As it develops, characteristic symptoms arise that help the patient's relatives notice addiction.


You can identify signs of gambling by human behavior:

  • Frequent mood swings.
  • Change in sleep mode.
  • Social distance.
  • Increasing cash spending.
  • Change of habits - hobbies, study, work are abandoned.

There are hidden symptoms of ludomania - people try not to show them to others:

  • There is still confidence in monitoring the situation, despite the increase in costs and time for the game.
  • It is characterized by euphoria with full immersion in the process - communication and perception of the world around you are lost.
  • Thoughts are constantly busy looking for new strategies and sources to get funds.
  • It is difficult to stop both after losing a large amount and when it is won.


Regular feelings of excitement and psychological experiences lead to the release of adrenaline, endorphins and other hormones. It doesn't pass without a trace for health.

It all starts with irritability, then there are problems with the heart and nervous system. Deterioration of physical condition affects the appearance of the gamer. Over time, he becomes more like a drug addict or an alcoholic.

Stages of disease development

Gambling does not occur quickly like other mental illnesses. This is a fairly long process in which a person gets involved imperceptibly.

There are 3 stages of ludomania:

  • The first stage. A person has no expressed desire to play. We need motivation, for example, rivalry for a large cash prize. Attempts to win it lead to excitement. As small payments are received, there is confidence that their size will only grow. This is accompanied by an increase in bets and an increasing desire to devote more time to the game.
  • Second stage. The process itself becomes motivation. Ludoman likes the thrills he gets from the game. There is a desire to devote more time to her. Losses are the reason to sit longer at the monitor and wait for a strip of luck. At this stage, a person does not recognize his dependence, even with an increase in betting costs, is suspended from friends and relatives. He's sure he can stop at any time.
  • Third stage. The game takes almost all the time. Debts increase, a person avoids communicating with friends, immerses himself even more in himself and becomes anxious. Losses are accompanied by aggression and panic, followed by a feeling of hopelessness, depression. Increasingly, Ludoman thinks about suicide.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment of ludomania

It is not enough to know the definition, symptoms and consequences of gambling. You also need to have an idea of how to diagnose it. The Psychiatrist conducts a conversation with the patient and his relatives. It necessarily establishes the causes of addiction and stage.

Since ludomania has a mental and biochemical basis, treatment is rarely carried out on an outpatient basis. Usually the patient is placed in a specialized clinic.

Specialists use an integrated approach, including the following methods:

  • Mental correction. Individual and group sessions are held.
  • Medical therapy. Drugs are used to help restore the psychological and emotional state of the patient.
  • Social adaptation. Patients learn to communicate with people, look for options for self-realization.

Is self-treatment possible?

Gambling disease is an addiction with dangerous consequences. It's very difficult to cure it yourself. According to statistics, at the initial stage, no more than 5% of all ludomans can do this. It's hard to cope with the craving for the game yourself. Most people lack willpower, and some do not recognize their dependence.

12 step system

The program appeared in 1939. It was originally used to treat alcoholism, and today it is used for problems with ludomania. To recover, the patient needs to go through 12 steps:

  1. Confess to yourself that there is dependence and loss of control over your life.
  2. Understand that you need help to get rid of gambling.
  3. To form spiritual values.
  4. Identify and analyze your mistakes and shortcomings.
  5. Recognize the feeling of loneliness.
  6. Prepare for changes in life.
  7. Accept your strength.
  8. Write the names of people who were harmed by gambling.
  9. Apologize to those on the list.
  10. Conduct introspection.
  11. Understand the changes that have taken place and accept the results achieved.
  12. Fix improvements and tell other people with addiction about the technique.
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Took me hours to research about it and write it. As I was facing the same, I can relate it a lot. 
Btw Now I gamble in control. 

But please gamble responsibly, Its dangerous for your life too.

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