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Basic rules of Blackjack for beginners


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Blackjack is a card game that has been popular for several centuries. The reason is the opportunity to increase the chances of winning through the use of strategies. But before proceeding to master them, you need to understand the rules of blackjack.

History of the card game

Disputes about the origin of blackjack continue today. But there are two main versions:

In 1440, the game Trentuno appeared in Italy. The rules completely coincide with blackjack. The only difference is that to win, the participants scored 31 points instead of 21.

In the XVII century, Vingt et Un card entertainment appeared in France, which means "Twenty and one". But his rules are different from the modern game.

Existing versions make it clear: blackjack has European roots. However, it owes its popularity to American immigrants. At the beginning of the XX century, they brought the game to the States, where the owners of local casinos gave it its current name, supplemented it with bonuses and side bets.

Terminology for beginners

Blackjack uses special vocabulary. Basic concepts:

  • The player is a participant in the distribution, competes against the casino.
  • Dealer (croupier) - responsible for conducting distributions.
  • A hand is set of cards of a player or dealer.
  • Shafl is a machine for shuffling a deck.
  • Boxing is a place to bet.
  • Shuz (shoe) is a special device for decks.
  • Chip - acts as the internal currency of the casino. It has different denominations. Exchanged for cash at the cash desk of the gambling establishment.
  • Soft hand an ace in a combination of a participant or dealer can cost both 1 or 11 points.
  • Hard hand an ace in combination is equal to or absent in one.
  • Hit (More) - make an addition.
  • Double Down - double the original bet.
  • Stand - to refuse the selection.
  • Split - two cards of the same denomination can be divided into separate boxes for an additional bet.
  • Surrender - complete participation in the game.

The purpose of the game

The main task is to collect a more valuable combination than the dealer. Ideally, she should bring 21 points. If two starting cards give such an amount, it's blackjack.

It is important to avoid exceeding points. If you gain more than 21, the loss is automatically counted.

Dealer's actions

Before the distribution, the dealer shuffles and trims the deck. Then he puts two cards closed on each active box. He rents the same amount. But he puts the first card down. In this way, the player can assess the chances of winning the dealer.

After the deal of the starting cards, the participant acts first. He makes a decision on each box. Then the dealer goes - makes an extra if the sum of points is less than 17.


Playing blackjack cards is easier than poker. There is no need to collect complex combinations here. It is enough to learn how to correctly assess the strength of your hands.


The table can include three to ten boxes. The rules of the blackjack game do not prohibit betting on several of them at once. In this case, the dealer deals two cards for each box. Comparison of combinations collected on the basis of them is made separately. Thanks to this, you can receive several payments for one hand.

As for the size of bets, the minimum and maximum limits are regulated by the selected table. Going beyond the designated limits is prohibited by the rules. If a participant wants to bet a smaller or larger amount than available, he must move to another table.

Many casinos accept side bets in order to diversify the gameplay. They are calculated separately from the main ones and in most cases are not tied to the result of the distribution.


Pair, 21+3 and many more are provided by different casinos with different odds.


When the dealer has an ace open, he offers the player to buy blackjack insurance. To do this, you need to deposit an amount equal to the bank equal to half of the original rate. If the second card gives 10 points, the participant receives a payment of 2:1.

Counting points

At the final stage, the dealer sums up the results, summing up the points for the cards dealt:
From 2-10: Nominal Value

Face cards: 10

Ace: 11 or 1 ( situation wise)

Beginners often have difficulties in determining the value of the ace. When the hand gives more than 21 points, A is equal to one. If there is no brute force, the ace brings 11 points.

After counting the points, the final results of the distribution are summed up:

  • If a player gets a stronger hand than the dealer, he wins and takes a 1 to 1 payout.
  • For the blackjack collected participant, the win is 3 to 2.
  • If the dealer gets a stronger hand, the player loses his bet.
  • In case of a draw, the chips are returned back or left in favor of the casino, depending on the current rules at the table.

Popular strategies

To succeed at the table, it is not enough to know the rules of blackjack for beginners. It is also necessary to master popular strategies. They will help reduce the advantage of the casino.

Popular strategies include:

  • Passwords. Increase the initial bet after each win by 1.5-2 times. You need to start with the minimum amount. They come back to her every time they lose.
  • Parlay. Decisions are made on the basis of the table above. When receiving a win, the next bet is doubled, in case of failure - returned to the original amount.
  • Martingale. After each loss, the bet is doubled. When they receive the reward, they return to the initial amount.

How to track cards

Another popular strategy is Hilo. The point is to track cards that have come out of the deck:

  • Up to six - plus 1.
  • Seven, eight, nine - 0.
  • Ten and older - minus 1.

You need to carefully count the cards in blackjack. At a negative value, they pass, if it is positive, they make a double value.


Blackjack Book:

image.thumb.jpeg.d595966c096784ebe3e7629d242282c8.jpeg Book SOURCE: BlackJackApprenticeship

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