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Gambling and Casinos in the USA


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The United States one of the most developed countries in the world with a well-developed legislative framework and clear regulatory norms for almost all industries. The gambling industry was no exception. Casino activities in the United States are regulated at the federal level and within individual states. Although this area annually brings tangible income to the economy, the government is very cautious about its development, imposing serious restrictions on it.


U.S. gambling legislation

It regulates the sphere of gambling entertainment in America by a federal law adopted back in 1961. Individual states may adopt their own regulations. However, they should not contradict the general rules. In accordance with the current legislation, gambling is allowed in the country, but there are serious restrictions. Financial transactions against online casinos by American users have long been banned. But after the changes made to the federal law in 2011, individual states managed to legalize the industry. A complete ban on casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers applies only in Utah and Hawaii. In two states, gambling entertainment is fully approved - Nevada and Louisiana. There are no restrictions on the range of games provided and casino locations. In other states, industry is legal within small geographical areas. Bright examples are Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New Jersey.

Features of the development of casino cities

Americans have always been considered a gambling nation. According to statistics, a U.S. resident spends at least $200 a year on lottery tickets, and this does not include playing slots. In order to protect citizens from possible problems associated with ludomania, the authorities decided to approve the activities of gambling clubs within certain geographical areas. The first of them were Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This model of business structuring has already shown its effectiveness and has become a role model for other countries.

Las Vegas

The city was founded in 1905 and was long considered a major railway junction. 26 years later, gambling was allowed in Nevada. Las Vegas began to be actively transformed. In the 1940s, prominent gambling houses appeared on the streets of the city. Many people still work. Las Vegas receives up to 40 million visitors annually. At the same time, the indigenous population of the city is only 600 thousand people. Most of the locals are employed in the service sector.


Atlantic City

This is the second largest gambling zone in the United States, second only to Las Vegas. The resort has a developed entertainment infrastructure that serves more than 35 million tourists annually. As in the case of the City of Sin, casinos operate on the basis of hotel complexes.


Negative impact of the gambling industry

80% of Americans consider it necessary to legalize gambling throughout the country. They don't see anything wrong with the casino activities. More than 60% of the country's population at least once a year buy lottery tickets, bet on sports, visit gambling houses. According to sociological research, 2.5 million U.S. citizens have a predisposition to ludomania. Another 3 million already have problems in this direction. 15 million people are at risk.

Budget revenues from gambling exceed revenues from sports events and the film industry. But statistics show an increase in crime in gambling zones by an average of 80%.

Casinos in America have a negative impact on small businesses. In cities where gambling clubs are allowed to be opened, catering establishments, shops, real estate agencies are massively closed.


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