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Who is a dealer in a casino?


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The Dealer is a casino operator responsible for holding games. Outwardly, it seems easy and simple. But as they begin to deal with the nuances and tricks, it is clear that this is a difficult task that requires special personal and professional skills.


Responsibilities of the dealer in the casino

  • Distribution and issuance of chips.
  • Explanation of rules and terms to players.
  • Acceptance of bets.
  • Squeezing and handing out cards, launching a ball and roulette wheels.               
  • Control over the game and compliance with the rules.
  • Resolving conflict situations with customers in a polite manner.
  • Announcement of winners.
  • Counting and issuing winnings in chips.
  • Support for goodwill and comfort at the table.

Does the dealer affect the game?

There is a perception among ordinary people that the effect of hands and the effects of roulette wheel is highly dependent on dealers. In fact, it does not affect the outcome of the game - here it is all determined by accident The dealer plays the games according to the usual rules and instructions from the management. Deviation from the dealer is a serious reason for dismissal.


Basic requirements and skills

To become a dealer, the candidate must have the following characteristics:

  • Politeness, goodwill, sociability.
  • Correctly delivered speech.
  • Ability to perform fast mathematical calculations in the mind.
  • Mindfulness and learning ability.
  • Good memory.
  • Developed fine motor skills of hands.
  • Stress resistance and the ability to control your emotions.
  • Punctuality.


When selecting candidates for the position of dealer in the casino, there are also requirements for appearance:

  • No tattoos, scars and defects on open parts of the body.
  • Slender figure.
  • Pleasant appearance and well-groomed.

When employees take office, uniforms are issued. Most often these are trousers, a white shirt and a vest. In some casinos, dealer girls wear classic dresses. However, in any case, the clothes should always be perfectly clean and ironed.


How to become a professional dealer

There are no specialized centers for training the dealer. The casino independently organizes and conducts courses. But for candidates this is only a plus, since you can get training for free and get a job immediately upon completion.

Career growth

After training and enrollment, the employee starts working as an assistant dealer - a chipper. Upon successful performance of duties after 2-4 weeks, he takes up the position of a dealer with the maintenance of low-limit tables. As you gain experience, the employee is transferred to other halls, where customers play at higher rates.

Further promotion along the career ladder is as follows:

  • Inspector. Supervises several tables at the same time, following the actions of the dealer.
  • Pit boss. Responsible for the reception and seating of guests, order and comfort in the halls.
  • Manager. Supervises the work of junior staff, follows management instructions.

Salary level 

Dealers do not have a fixed monthly rate. Their salary level depends on the number of shifts. Each lasts 12 hours. It charges from $20-30 hr in American casinos. Bonuses and tips go to this rate, which gives an increase from $500 to $1200 monthly.




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