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Iga Swiatek vs Qinwen Zheng PREDICTION


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Iga Swiatek vs Qinwen Zheng

Leading Iga Swiatek will be looking for a stunning 32-match win over 19-year-old Qinwen Zheng in the fourth round of the French Open on Monday, May 30.

Head to Head StatsThis will be their first meeting.

image.jpeg.52666eeb3242e32ff3f00001414a6269.jpeg   VS   image.jpeg.84882e4bf63bd5fb70d3a80204683dee.jpeg


Iga Swiatek:

Nothing much to say about her. She is on 31 match win streak. She just got 6-3 7-5 victory over Danka Kovinic last round. It was a tough match as Kovinic almost won a set but Iga won three consecutive games and did a amazing comeback and won the match. Earlier she got victory over Riske and Lsurenko in straight sets.

Qinwen Zheng:

Qinwen Zheng is one of the emerging best player in the world, and she could solidify her status as the best of her generation if she did something she could not have imagined on Monday by giving fight to unstoppable Swiatek. She also got two victory with straight sets and one with three set. 


Iga Swiatek: 1.072x

Qinwin Zheng: 14.5x


Beating Swiatek is based on the fact that it is not possible at the moment, but we have seen a few problems with Swiatek in third round match against Kovinic. Monday could be a big test. But we could not deny that Swiatek is in fire form. Swiatek to win and Games can be over 18.5 as Qinwin is also young gunner. 

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