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Huntr Wheel


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As many people know by now, @AlphaGambler has introduced a new feature to it's streams called the Huntr Wheel in wich people who have posted at least 10 quality posts get a chance to get a spin on the wheel.

The wheel was first introduced in his live streams March 13, 2022.


  • The Odds

Huntr Wheel has a Min/Max Win of (5€/100€).

The wheel has 16 segments, in wich:

5 belong to a 5€ reward; (5/16 or 31,25% chance)

5 belong to a 10€ reward; (5/16 or 31,25% chance)

5 belong to a 25€ reward; (5/16 or 31,25% chance)

1 belongs to a 100€ reward. (1/16 or 6,25% chance)

Said that, we can all agree that we have a 6,25% odds of getting the Max prize on the wheel. But guys... it's not impossible and i'm the one to tell you this because i got to be the first lucky winner of the Max prize(clip at the end), so c'mon don't just sit around, go make some posts, it's worth it!!

  • Multipliers

If you are a guy that likes putting things into numbers, i got you!

As we can see here, @AlphaGambler posted December 21, 2021 in Competitions and Giveaways this post, where he said that the first 100 persons that reached a number of 100 quality posts on their page would be given 10€.

Said so, we can calculate how much is worth a decent post(10cents). Therefore  i can say that 10 Forum posts are equal to 1€.

So... think with me, the wheel has:

5 segments with a 5x

5 segments with a 10x

5 segments with a 25x

1 segment with a 100x

May the luck be on your side!!


(Clip of the win:https://clips.twitch.tv/AgileTalentedTortoiseAsianGlow-4cHwWv_IBTL6XT5X)


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