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1. English is the only language of communication in this forum. We will delete any non-English messages posted in this forum. 

2. Refrain from using language that is deemed to be abusive, racist, or nationalistic. Note that misspelling a word will result in the word being banned and all banned words are prohibited. 

3. Back up the predictions you post with a reasonable explanation. It doesn’t have to be a deep analysis. Instead, just follow up your pick with a few text lines.

4. Ensure the messages you post are related to the threads. Always refer to the thread titles before posting. If your intended message is out of context, it is better to start a new thread. 

5. Following another person’s predictions from the forum is done at your own risk. If you choose to do so and lose, any accusations you raise afterward will not be considered. 

6. Be descriptive in your message title. The message title is the first part of your message that other users are going to interact with before going to the body. So, you might want to avoid ambiguous phrases like “How about….” or “What do you think”. 

7. Uphold high and acceptable standards of maturity and decorum. Give the forum’s moderators an easy time by ensuring you only post informative content that will be helpful to the other users. Please note that we shall not condone immature behavior. 

8. Avoid sharing links to external sites as this will be treated as hidden advertising, which is prohibited in this forum. Don’t even try to be smart and post your pick alongside an external link to the analysis because the entire post will be pulled down. 

9. When publishing avatars, remember to ensure that they are not offensive and that they are nothing more than 80x80 pixels in size. Bigger avatars tend to mess up the design of the website. Offensive avatars are those that contain Nazi-like and pornographic material or any content containing special symbols with hidden offensive meaning.

10. Promote Yourself forum is for promoting your social media only! Don't sell or post any affiliate links! 

11. For complaints or compliments, please contact us directly on alphagamblers@gmail.com

12. These rules may change with time !!

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