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Big Bamboo-Push Gaming...


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The Big Bamboo, a new slot release from Push Gaming is out and this 50 win line game has a lot going on, It takes the seaweed from Razor Shark and adds a twist. There are lots of different symbols you can land under the bamboo and it is an incredibly volatile game! It has a 50,000x max win potential and is possibly the most frustrating game I have ever played.


Big Bamboo is 5 reel 6 row slot which is kind of a push trade mark using unusual grid layouts and like I said there is a lot going on with this game. The base game is fairly simple with players having to land 3 scatters on reels 2,3 and 4.


But what makes this slot so fiendishly difficult is when you land the 3 scatters you still might not get the free spins! As you can see above the scatter on reel 4 is showing some dead bamboo or something and you don't want this! If this spins in you get nothing 😞


You need to get the scatter on reel 4 showing a number of spins, as above. 5 and no dots is the lowest you can get, the dots under the number of spins determines what level bonus you get. And what makes this game even more frustratingly difficult is Push have only gone and added a bonus gamble feature!


As you can see the top bonus is 10 freespins with 4 dots, which means the spins start on the level 10x multiplier. Any wins that land from the golden bamboo during the feature are multiplied by x10.


Not only are all the wins multiplied by x10 you can also get extra multipliers during the spins that add more! There are also a lot more symbols that are hiding under the golden bamboo but unlike Razor Sharks seaweed the Bamboo only stays for the 1 spin!

1811781498_Screenshotfrom2022-03-0915-22-40.png.d2d978e795b46ea0cbebdb999931eab2.png This symbol collects all the wins that are in view that the golden bamboo has uncovered.

1636443804_Screenshotfrom2022-03-0915-21-48.png.db687abab330b84d535fc0ee88c8ae8e.png This is the Golden Bamboo you are looking for-get this in the freespins and you could be looking at a big win!

1989615651_Screenshotfrom2022-03-0915-21-20.png.f031eeb9ef770361dfaeafc0d0a836c6.png Wilds are also there.

1430951612_Screenshotfrom2022-03-0915-21-32.png.519baa3c7868ad23f86347ee09984b38.png This is the standard Bamboo.

There are even more symbols you can uncover and win up to 50,000x on Big Bamboo.


The top symbol is the Panda and this can pay 150x per full line, there are 50 pay lines on this game so pretty good base potential.


You can also land coins up to 5,000x in value in the base and the free spins on Big Bamboo which seems to make the 50,000x max win achievable.


Overall this is a really good game and offers players something new, however it is so frustrating getting 3 scatters and not getting any spins if you reveal the dead bamboo and this seems to happen at least 50% of the time! Then if you land some spins and loose the gamble, well it is super tilt inducing to say the least. This slot is not a game to come to if you have a small balance as I ripped 10k demo money through this game and did not get any really good wins. With lightning fast turbo spins this game can strip a balance within minutes-it is utterly ruthless and absolutely  No "F's" are given about you grinding 200 spins only to get a dead bamboo under the 3 scatter or lose on the gamble ladder. Overall opinion of this slot is an utterly ruthless volatile beast of game! I have however had a 1080x in real money on this game so it can pay but players beware only play Big Bamboo if you are running hot!


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Mmmm... Thats cool)))

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