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Bonsai Banzai Slot Review (Massive Studios)


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Bonsai Banzai Slot Review (Massive Studios)


Paytable, Symbols:

  • The game offers two distinct worlds: Green Bonsai and Red Bonsai.
  • Specific symbols for each world and their payouts are not publicly available. However, the game description mentions Dragon symbols (Green World) and Phoenix symbols (Red World). These likely trigger bonus features.


  • Dual World Gameplay: Switch between Green and Red Bonsai worlds, each with unique winning mechanics.
  • Battles: Land Dragon symbols (Green World) or Phoenix symbols (Red World) to initiate battles between the Bonsai.
  • Wilds: Winning battles releases wilds onto the reels for increased wins.
  • Multiplier Reels: Both Bonsai award reel multipliers.
  • Free Games: Enter free games and gamble for more spins, with a maximum of 16 achievable.
  • High Win Potential: The game boasts a maximum win of 10,000x your stake in the Green world and a staggering 25,000x in the Red world.


  • Engaging dual-world mechanic with unique features for each.
  • High win potential with multipliers and wilds.
  • Free game gamble option adds an exciting layer.


  • Lack of publicly available information on paytable, symbols, and specific features makes in-depth evaluation difficult.
  • Unknown Return to Player (RTP) percentage, which is a key metric for understanding potential payouts.



Bonsai Banzai offers an intriguing concept with dual worlds and battling Bonsai. The high win potential and free game gamble feature add to the excitement factor. However, the lack of detailed information about the paytable, symbols, and RTP makes a comprehensive verdict challenging.

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