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ReelKingdom-Snakes and Ladders Mega Dice....


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Reelkingdom/Pragmatic have launched a new slot and in a first I think from Reelkingdom it has a retro feel. This new slot features the classic board game of snakes and ladders and it appears as a bonus feature, the aim is to get to the top of the board to win big prizes.


Snakes and Ladders mega dice is a 5 reel, 3 row, 10 win line slot. The game has a 96.68% RTP which is pretty good and a max win of 5300x. Which is not a crazy big max win but still I would not say no to hitting it.


The game has a maximum Volatility rating but I have a feeling ReelKingdom just put that there for decoration. As the game did not seem very volatile to me when I was playing it!


There are 2 ways to trigger the mega dice feature, one being to land three or more scatters, 3 scatters=12 rolls, 4 scatters=14 rolls and 5 scatters=16 rolls. The other way to trigger the feature is to collect dice and fill the snake meter at the top of the screen.


You can see above that there are 11 spaces on the snake to fill. Once these are filled you will trigger the 12 roll bonus and move to the snakes and ladders board where you get a chance to move up the squares.


The aim is like you can see above to roll the dice and move the ReelKingdom Gorilla as far up the board as you can. There are extra prizes for rolling scatters and you can trigger them randomly when landing on different squares.


The game has a retro blocky style to it and the game play is ok, though nothing really special. The snakes and ladders mega dice feature is quite good fun and it will take a while for players to get board with the bonus. But for me the base game is lacking something, it needs something else to keep players spinning. Overall though a pretty fun slot, I won't be rushing to play it myself but I would to see streamers playing it so I don't have to loose my own money.

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i like the game and the bonus the only issue i have is its bonus heavy ( only pays out in bonus ) never really hit base hits

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Okay 😅

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