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Best Strategies to win in Roulette (Updated)

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The best strategies for playing roulette

The second most popular online casino discipline after slot machines is roulette. On it, the round results are uniform, and the house edge is half as much as in slots. Visitors to gambling sites naturally wonder if there is a winning strategy for playing roulette. My post discusses some popular online systems. Readers will learn how to use them to minimize losses, get a high probability of winning, or go on a long winning streak. All presented roulette strategies have been tested by me.

General rules and variations
There are 37 or 38 numbered slots on the roulette wheel. Bets are placed in a field - on a lined table. The cells are numbered from 0 to 36.
The player's task is to guess the cell where the ball will fall. It is also possible to bet on large groups of numbers - odds. If the attempt is successful, the casino pays out the winnings in accordance with the odds table. When the ball hits cell No. 0 (zero), visitors lose all chips except those placed on the zero itself.

In online casinos, 99% of roulettes have the same rules and come in three varieties:

  • European. With one zero and a return to player of 97.3%. This means a mathematical house edge of 2.7%.
  • French. With a half loss on the odds when a zero appears. The house edge is 1.35%.
  • American. With two zeros. This is the worst version of the game for the visitor. At a distance, the casino takes 5.26% from each bet.

All this can be found in electronic versions and in the Live casino section of the website , where the game is played with live dealers.


Roulette strategies
Roulette strategies are more for fun. They do not guarantee a win, but they reduce the rate of increase in losses. The main benefit of strategies is emotional control. The focus is on executing the scheme. Therefore, it is difficult to get carried away and lose everything .

1. Martingale system
The most famous gambling strategy is the Martingale. The name comes from the dialects of the French language. The etymology is unknown, but it is not the name of the creator.
Martingale means doubling after an unsuccessful spin. The goal of the method is to obtain a minimum win, the size of the initial bet. This system uses only equal odds. If unsuccessful, they bet on the same event. For example: the chips were on red, but black fell out. Should continue to red.
In the classic scheme, getting 10 losses in a row is quite possible. This event will occur on average every 784th trial. In the 11th attempt you will have to place 1024 chips in order to win one. Even after 5 unsuccessful doublings, there will be a 32-fold increase in investment.

2. Antimartingale
Otherwise, this strategy is called “reverse martingale”. The meaning is to double not after a loss, but after a win in the spin. Antimartingale is also used for equal chances. This roulette system is safe because the player only risks one chip in each series. The strategy is suitable for beginners with a small bankroll .
Typically, doubles are completed after the third win. The 1-2-4 betting scheme will bring a win of 14 chips. In the fourth run, it is advisable to place 12. If it is successful, in the next run, increase with an even smaller multiplier.
Five odds wins in a row will occur approximately every 37th series. After this event, there is no point in playing for the sixth time.
With anti-martingale, one usually bets on the opposite event. For example, after guessing red, they play for black. It is not forbidden to act in a different way - to catch a series of five identical equal chances.

3. d'Alembert system
The most effective roulette strategy is also named after Thomas Donald. It implies a smooth increase after losses. The system is used for equal chances. In the strategy, the increase occurs not with a multiplier, but by a fixed amount. Usually - by the amount of the initial investment. With a winning spin, there is a decrease in the same step.
How it works:

  • Let the player start on “red” and lose 1 chip.
  • Now you need to bet 2 on black.
  • If you fail again, then - 3 chips again on black, but not 4. There is no doubling in this system.
  • When the fourth spin is lost, 5 chips are placed for the same equal chance.
  • So far 10 initial bets have been lost.
  • Let luck smile on the fifth attempt - black came up. Received +5 chips in the spin. Now you need to decrease by one. In the next round, 4 chips will go to red - the opposite is an equal chance.
  • With further successful spins, you need to continue decreasing with the same minimum step until you return to 1 chip per chance.

This concludes the series. When you manage to reach the starting bet, there will always be a plus from 5 to 15 chips.

4. Contre-d'Alembert
When profit is partially introduced into the game, this is a mathematical contra-d'Alembert strategy. Its principle is a minimal increase after a successful spin. The system is designed for uneven distribution of equal chances. Lucky seven
A variety of Contre d'Alembert with a predetermined cycle duration is called "Lucky Seven". The player's goal is to win seven times in a row. One chip is added to the bet after the spin pays out. The game is played on equal chances. This method is good for small bankrolls. This roulette strategy is safe because only one chip is lost in each unsuccessful round. A successfully completed cycle of seven victories gives an increase in bankroll by +280 bets. Having received a loss, the current profit (if any) is recorded on the balance. The cycle begins again - with the minimum rate. The goal remains the same - win seven times in a row at even odds. 

5. Fibonacci method
The Fibonacci sequence is a geometric progression with a multiplier of 1.62. Series values are rounded to whole numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc. According to the law of progression, many processes occur in nature. A row is nothing more than a table for raising and lowering bets when losing and winning. That is, the Fibonacci method for roulette is a type of martingale not with a multiplier of x2, but with a smaller one.


6. Garcia method
The most famous roulette player is the Spanish mathematician Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. He came up with a positive physics strategy for identifying wheel features. In addition, Garcia used several techniques for changing the bet amount depending on the result of the spin. The following explains the two most famous options.

  • Garcia Strategy No. 1 is a variation of the d'Alembert system for high rollers. The game is played on equal chances.

The casino can have a table maximum. For example, $1000. Once this number is reached, it will no longer be possible to increase after losing a spin. What if a casino visitor is going to bet $500, but at the same time wants to have some kind of insurance against an unsuccessful outcome? The initial bet must be equal to half the table maximum. There are only six rounds in the cycle. After a loss in each, the increase occurs by ⅕. The resulting sequence is: 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000. If the spin is successful, the decrease occurs with the same step.

  • Garcia's strategy No. 2 represents nested progressions of bets with fixation of intermediate losses. The game is played on equal chances. The system is aimed at winning back and reaching a minimum profit after a bad series of spins. This is achieved by selecting the amount of bets. The main goal is not to win, but to compensate for possible losses. The principles of the system are as follows:

The session is divided into intervals of three bets each.
The loss of each interval is fixed - “postponed” for wagering in the future.
When determining the size of bets, multipliers and a fixed step are not used.
The third bet of each interval should compensate for the loss of the two previous bets and give a small profit during the interval.
The first two bets of each interval must fully win back the loss of the previous one and give a small plus, but not for the entire session, but only relative to the previous segment.

7. Completes
Complete is a separate type of bet. It involves all types of inside bets on one number. The player’s goal is to hit the jackpot, but at the same time protect against failure. The complete covers nine squares on the field. Any number that appears will give you some winnings. When the ball hits the main cell of the wheel, the bankroll can increase significantly. 


8. Cuban
This roulette strategy involves two bets: on the central column and on the even chance “red”. The player's goal is to use almost the entire field, leaving only 10 numbers uncovered. Two chips are placed on an unequal chance, and three on an equal chance. There is no promotion after a loss. The bet has an interesting etymology: Cuban - Cuban. The three columns are somewhat reminiscent of the striped flag of Cuba. It has a red element on it. The rationale for the system is the uneven distribution of cells of different colors. A possible strategy option: the third column (numbers from 3 to 36) plus an equal chance of “black”.


9. Snake
Quite often, sources mention the Snake strategy. It is also the name of an exotic bet in a number of Asian land-based casinos and on some electronic roulettes. Red cells are located on the field in a zigzag. Hence the name. In fact, such a bet is no different from dozens and columns. 12 numbers also participate in it. It makes sense to use this strategy only for fun. 



Are there win-win game strategies?
Roulette strategies that give a mathematical advantage to the player actually exist. The first group is physical. They take into account the properties of a particular wheel and the characteristics of the dealer's throw. These systems involve the collection of statistics.Strategies associated with promotions provide guaranteed results. In 90% of land-based casinos, roulette tickets are given for drawings. Having analyzed the scheme for receiving them, as well as the size of the prizes in the lottery, it is possible to achieve a mathematical advantage over the casino of 10-20%. Both of these groups of strategies are for offline. Unfortunately, there are no winning systems on the Internet. A small stable plus over a distance of tens of thousands of spins is real when using the d'Alembert strategy, but only if you have a serious bankroll.

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Best Strategies

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