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My observations over several years of playing in casinos


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I haven’t posted on various topics for a long time, but today we’ll talk about casinos and more.

Various casino sites
Surely many of you have played in one way or another on at least two different sites that provide casino games services, but I think that not many know that on different sites there is a different percentage of return to the player, that is, RTP when it comes to slots. And this is important if you mainly play only slot machines. This does not apply to live casinos. I saw with my own eyes when a famous Russian streamer on YouTube compared two different sites in the same slot machine and clearly showed the real results using his example. On the first site, the RTP was approximately 93.4%, while on the other it was completely different, approximately 98.9%. This surprised me somewhat since I had not previously known about such things. Therefore, next time be more careful and study the information in any slot.

Strategies and Tactics
To be honest, I don’t particularly believe in various strategies and tactics and am not a supporter of this topic. For me, playing in a casino is just a little pastime and, to some extent, entertainment. But I don’t really advise anyone to take this seriously. Some people shout “I WON A WHOLE FORTUNE HERE!”, “YOU JUST CAN’T KNOW how to PLAY CORRECTLY!”, as it is, in fact, you will never make money at the casino if you quit your job, because it is not a stable source of income and this is necessary always remember. You can play strategies and tactics for days on end and you are unlikely to win anything, or rather, you play, but I think it will be less than you invested. Basically, tactics and strategies were simply invented by someone for fun, at least in Russia here dishonest people profit from this and offer to buy you different tactics from them for slot machines like: “You need to make three spins in this machine , then double your bet, make at least 10 more spins, and then you’ll hit the jackpot.” Do you really need to know how to play here? It seems to me that no.

Money and budget
Perhaps this is the main thing from our topic, without which you simply cannot start playing in a casino; this is money and you need to properly distribute your budget before starting the game. You should remember that you may need funds that you may not have after the game, to do this, just play with the money that you won’t mind losing if you lose, and you also don’t need to invest all your hard-earned money in slot machines and live casinos, I think that this will not lead to anything good. Sometimes I invested all the money I had and simply lost, after which I did not forget about the casino and betting in general for a long time. But now everything is fine and I’m trying not to do this again.

My opinion
I'll say this. To summarize, I would like to say that you should not always believe different strategies and you should always check the RTP of slots before starting if you play on different sites in the same machines. You should also remember about your budget and the money you can spend on this expensive pleasure. Happy gaming, dear gamblers!

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Informative post !!

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