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BTG-Wild Portals MegaWays....


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Big Time Gaming the original Megaways creator has come up with a new game and on first glance it looks very bright and fresh. The slot theme is futuristic and the music reminds me of my "pill poppin" days! Wild Portals MW has the usual BTG megaways mechanics 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways.


The reels feature the standard BTG symbols that we have seen on lots of slots before and this is where I think they have missed the opportunity to make this slot more appealing. Some unique reel graphics and symbols we have not seen before would have made this game look and feel different, which I think BTG  games are in need of to broaden there appeal. The other symbols you will see on the reel is the gold scatters and wild portal multiplier, you can see them above.


Three scatter symbols trigger the freespins, additional scatters add 2 more spins. BTG have opted for an 8 spin start for the freespins and this is because the wild portal multiplier can get big very quickly!


The freespin bonus has a familiar feel. Wins drop in and the symbols disappear then new symbols drop in. What is different with this game is the wild portal and this portal sucks in any symbols that match the symbol that is chosen randomly at the start of each freespins. For every symbol that is sucked in the multi increases for the chance to win really big!


Wild Portal MW has a very good RTP at 96.58%, you won't find many other slots that have much higher. This high RTP means you should get a lot of play for your money, with the balance being held stable for long periods instead of ripping in a couple of minutes.


Something we will be seeing a lot of on new and maybe old BTG releases is the win exchange feature, where if you win over 25x in the base game you can gamble your win for the chance to trigger the freespins. We all know that grinding the BTG base games can take 100's of spins for the bonus to drop so this win exchange should hopefully make bonuses more frequent!

I have already said that Wild portals megaways RTP is 96.58%, well it also has impressive big win stats. From the base game you can win over 26,000x and from the freespins over 116,000x your stake which is again more than DOA2 from Netent. This insane potential is seeming to become the "norm" for BTG. The new BTG games and changes they have made to existing slots will  I am 100% sure, mean that we will be seeing more streamers playing their games and a lot more BTG branded big wins on forums.

Overall Wild portal MW is a good slot, the game stats ensure this but I really do think that BTG need mix things up in terms of reel graphics and symbols. BTG game mechanics are tried and tested and more or less 100% sound! They have little room to move in improving their games-so changing symbols and the feel of the reels is logically the next step to ensure the slots feel and look different. A solid release and well worth a few spins, I could quite easily sit on this game for a couple of hours at least.

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