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Viking Runecraft 100 Slot Review | Play'n GO


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Viking Runecraft 100 Slot Review: Unleash the Norse Gods Against Demonic Forces

Embark on a thrilling Norse adventure with Play'n GO's Viking Runecraft 100, a cluster pays slot released in December 2023. Help valiant Vikings defend their land against demonic hordes by collecting rune stones imbued with godly power. 


Immersive Theme and Familiar Gameplay:

Viking Runecraft 100 boasts a stunning visual design, transporting you to a world of icy fjords and epic battles. The gameplay will feel familiar to fans of Moon Princess 100, also by Play'n GO, with cluster wins instead of traditional paylines. Matching 3 or more symbols horizontally or vertically triggers payouts.


Eight symbols grace the reels, categorized into high-paying (Thor, Heimdall, Freya) and low-paying (Ax, Anchor, Viking Helm, Mjolnir). Thor reigns supreme, rewarding you with $0.3 to $10 per symbol for a $1 bet. Striking any combination of high-paying symbols brings similar rewards.

1BBEAA1C-8350-4BDA-B408-F04C44FA58E9.thumb.jpeg.3a06f7a717f712b072769f4e86e6b235.jpeg  BE6AC30C-F21F-449C-B317-B465EAD3A527.thumb.jpeg.912b1ff237a142c1cbafd87d4d4035d2.jpeg

Free Spins with Divine Choice:

Clear the reels of all regular symbols to trigger the heart-pounding free spins round. Here's where the game truly shines. Choose your champion: Thor, Heimdall, or Freya. Each god unleashes their unique power on every spin, enhancing your winning potential.

Thor: Unleashes lightning bolts, transforming low-paying symbols into high-paying ones.
Heimdall: Bi-frosts winning symbols across the reels, creating new clusters.
Freya: Multiplies existing wins, with the potential for explosive payouts.
Remember: No single spin resets the multiplier, so consecutive wins can lead to epic riches.

Beyond the Battlefield:

While Viking Runecraft 100 lacks a dedicated jackpot feature, the maximum win potential of 15,000x your bet is nothing to scoff at. Its mobile-friendly design lets you take the adventure anywhere, from smartphones to tablets and computers.


Viking Runecraft 100 offers an exciting blend of familiar mechanics, stunning visuals, and strategic decision-making in the free spins round. The choice of Norse gods adds a layer of depth and replayability, keeping you engaged and potentially reaping divine rewards. If you're seeking a thrilling slots adventure with captivating visuals and powerful bonus features, look no further than Viking Runecraft 100.


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