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Marketa Vondroushova vs Olga Danilovic Prediction & Preview | United Cup Australia


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Marketa Vondroushova vs Olga Danilovic

> Match Date/Timings: 02/01/2024

4:00 AM CEST / 2:00 AM UTC

Top-10 player Marketa Vondroushova stumbled in her United Cup opener, raising questions about her plan to build on her stellar 2023. The Czech star, who captured Wimbledon last year and consistently ranked within the top 10, fell in three sets to rising Chinese player Zheng Jingwen (1-6, 6-2, 1-6). Vondroushova struggled mightily on serve, winning only 45% of points and surrendering six breaks to Zheng.


"It was definitely a tough one," Vondroushova admitted afterwards. "I wasn't able to find my rhythm on serve, and Zheng played aggressively and took advantage. This is a wake-up call for me, and I know I need to work on finding my best form early on in the season."

Olga Danilovich, another young gun looking to build on her progress, also faced Zheng Jingwen but offered a glimpse of her potential. The Serbian player, currently ranked 121st, matched the Chinese ace in the first set before falling 4-6, 2-6. While unable to secure the win, Danilovich's competitive spirit and glimpses of powerful play suggest she could be a force to be reckoned with in 2024.


"I'm proud of the way I fought in the first set," Danilovich commented. "Zheng is a tough opponent, but I know I can compete with the best. It's all about building on this performance and finding consistency throughout the season."

 Both Vondroushova and Danilovich's early stumbles at the United Cup highlight the challenges ahead for young stars aiming to maintain their upward trajectory. While a single loss doesn't define their season, it serves as a reminder of the need for focus, improvement, and adaptation in the ever-competitive world of women's tennis.


1. Total over 19.5 games in match. 

2. Total over 9.5 games in first set.

3. Olga Danilovich wins with +6 handicap.

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