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Twitch and YouTube etiquette..


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First of all I will define etiquette: The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Ok so now you all understand what etiquette means so how does it apply to Twitch and YouTube? Well when you join the stream, you join our society our group and keeping things civil and polite is what we want. We want to create a nice place for people to hang out chat, have fun and watch people gamble responsibly.

Chat plays a really big role in the stream, maybe bigger than you realize in regards to winning and Rok's overall mental frame of mind. Having a positive feeling and a clear head can be the difference between winning and loosing! And as you have seen Rok plays pretty high stakes with a lot of real money! And I think at least 95% of viewers genuinely want Rok to win, so below are some things NOT to do in chat please.

Bad Etiquette in Chat:

                                     There are lots of things people do that are considered "bad etiquette" in chat, people persistently asking to change game or to raise the bet. You need to realize that Rok is an experienced gambler and knows what he is doing. If he is having to deal with persistent calls to change game and raise bet he is not focused on what he is doing and may make the wrong choices that will result in him loosing so- DON'T DO IT!! It is fine to request a game but request it once! It is fine to ask him to raise (maybe it is the right thing to do) But ask once! Repeated, persistent request will result in time outs or bans!

Asking for tips or money either in chat or via whisper, it is very bad manners to ask someone you hardly know for money even if you have none and are desperate-people asking for money in a gambling stream are asking so they gamble themselves. They need to learn to play responsibly and gamble with in their limits. Any begging in chat will result in an instant ban usually, so don't do it!

 Salty attitude, often people join the stream after they have lost all their money and they come in with a bad/negative attitude, if you come in with this type of attitude you will be timed out, negativity can spread but so can positivity. We want positive people in chat to spread good vibes and hopefully spread that feeling to help Rok win! If you have any negativity leave it at the door, come in fresh and feeling good and spread the ❤️

Asking for gift subs, this is again very bad etiquette and is frowned upon, repeated requests will end up in you getting banned! Rok and other chat member are very generous with gifting subs and if they feel like it they will give a gift sub-SO DON'T ASK!

Self promotion if you come into the stream promoting your own channel you will get insta-banned! This is Rok's stream and if you come in trying to get subs then you will be booted faster than a Ronaldo free kick! If you want to promote your social media we have a page for that here on the media, make sure you follow the rules though!

Rude or abusive behavior, if you come in being rude to Rok, the mods or anyone else in chat you will be timed out or banned! We want a nice atmosphere where people feel free to express their opinions without being made to feel bad. Conduct yourself decently or you will get booted!

Posting links, DON'T come in posting links unless you have asked for permission. If we have said it is ok then fine but come in posting random stuff and you will get timed out or banned.

I think that just about covers it, please help us to create a fun and inviting place to hang out, have fun and watch some exciting content. Rok works very hard behind the scenes and spends a lot of money providing you guys with entertainment. Please be respectful and when you join the stream maybe show your appreciation for what he does. Many thanks for reading enjoy the stream.


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👌Thanks for this information I already know what to do and what not to do on twitch and youtube 

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