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Blackjack Facts and Events


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Today I found for you 10 interesting facts about the game of blackjack, I think it will be interesting to read)))

1. This is Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite game.

Файл:Napoleon crop.jpg

Blackjack was the favorite game of the great commander. At the same time, Napoleon Bonaparte was well versed in the rules of the game and often defeated his soldiers. Many other famous personalities were also not indifferent to this gambling entertainment. Today, anyone can play Blackjack for real money by visiting a popular online casino.

2. Origin of the game

The origin of the game Blackjack is still not fully understood. It is believed that Blackjack was first played in Italy or around 1700. Today, this card game is well known to all fans of excitement. According to opinion polls, it is Blackjack that is the favorite game of more than a third of the US population.

3. Blackjack Ban

In the US, blackjack has long been an illegal card game. At the same time, the ban only increased the popularity of the game. Since the 19th century, underground blackjack tournaments have been constantly taking place in America. The ban was officially lifted only in 1939. It was then that underground games were legalized in Nevada.

4. Blackjack or "point" (Russian name of the game)

Just Eventi Casinò

The Blackjack game is known to many fans of excitement under the name vingt-et-un, which means “twenty-one” in French. This gambling game received its popular name today in Nevada back in the 30s of the last century. In those years, land-based casinos tried to attract the maximum number of players by offering them very generous payouts. It is known that the largest bet at that time was a combination of clubs / jack of spades in combination with an ace of spades. This combination allowed the players to receive a payout, the size of which was ten times the bet. Despite the fact that generous payouts were quickly stopped, the name "Blackjack" or Black Jack remained to this day.

5. Blackjack and baseball


Blackjack is the most popular card game. However, many of the terms used during the game are borrowed from baseball. It is believed that the player to the left of the dealer is located, by analogy with baseball, at first base, and the card-lover, who is to his right, is at third. Experienced players tend to choose third base. This arrangement allows you to count cards, gaining an advantage over the gambling establishment and opponents.

6. Hall of Fame

Фото: getty

Given the enormous popularity of blackjack, it is not surprising that this card game has its own hall of fame. It is located on the territory of the California casino "Baron". The Hall of Fame was founded in 2003. Each player who is lucky enough to enter his name here has the right to live in the casino and visit the restaurant for free. However, he will not be able to play in this casino.

7. Chances of winning

One of the most talented scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, Smith Brackett, studied the popularity and varieties of gambling. In the course of research, he found out that blackjack is second only to roulette in popularity. He explained the demand for this gambling game with high chances of success. In blackjack, the advantage of the casino over the player does not exceed 0.5%.

8. Ban on card counting in blackjack

Casino representatives have repeatedly tried to pass laws prohibiting players from counting cards. Despite this, to date, no legislative act prohibits players from using this technique. All courts, in the course of considering such cases, come to the conclusion that counting cards in blackjack is legal.

9. Big win that changed my life

How to Manage a Bankroll Bump at Low Stakes

One of the most famous blackjack winning stories is that of Frederick Smith, the founder of FedEx. Faced with a colossal lack of funds for business development, he went to the casino. At the start of the game, he had $5,000 on hand. After a few hands, he left the casino with $27,000. This win allowed him to cover all current fuel costs and take the business to a new level.

10. Blackjack: the most profitable card game


Blackjack is the simplest and, moreover, the only card game in which the casino visitor gets an advantage over the institution. In this game, you can earn money using your knowledge and mathematical calculation. However, this rule only applies to land-based casinos. Indeed, in online establishments, the cards are thoroughly mixed after each distribution.

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Black jack forever. 😋😋😋Thanks u for information. 

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