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Gambling business in Poland


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Not so long ago (yesterday) I decided to read a couple of articles at night about the regulation of casinos in Poland and found there some facts about which we will talk. As of 2018, in the article, although this is most likely outdated information that has been changed many times, but the article indicates that the information has not changed for a very long time, I don’t think anything has changed, like the rules of casino advertising and gambling in general . It turns out that legal casinos that have a license and are listed in the general register are allowed in Poland. The rules of the law on the regulation of the gambling business indicate that a new casino can only be opened for the next 250,000 thousand people. That is, if the city already has a casino that was opened for the first 250,000 thousand people in the city, then the next casino will probably be opened for the next 250,000 thousand people.

Also, the law states that any advertisement of a casino in any form carries a criminal penalty. And this can be absolutely any form of advertising, for example, these:
- advertising of any goods and services that use a likeness or image similar to that present in gambling or its suppliers
- distribution of items, products related to gambling;
- the transfer or sale of chips or tickets for gambling in public places;

Yes, it may sound a little strange that a casino can be opened but it cannot be advertised, don't you think? But the fact remains.
As far as online casinos go:
“In Poland, two types of online gambling are legalized and both of them belong to the state monopoly: betting and lottery with special offers. The only legal provider on the Web is the Totalizator Sportowy betting company.
As mentioned above, the jurisdiction has a black list of platforms and providers that violate such a monopoly. When a certain site is blocked, the hosting owner is obliged to place a message on the main page stating that the platform operates in Poland without a license and is currently under sanctions from the Ministry of Finance.
The violator has the right to appeal within 30 days from the date of inclusion in the register. But the nuance of the system is that the regulator is not obliged to notify the casino about the sanctions applied to it, so most of the subjects do not know that they appear on the black list of providers.
For non-compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance to block your own website, an administrative fine of up to 58 thousand euros is provided. Sanctions apply to both online casinos and telecommunications service providers for cooperating with the former.
At the end of 2020, there were 12,194 blocked domains in the registry."

I hope this information was useful for those who live in Poland, if there are any. And I want to wish you good luck and big X's in Crazy Time 😅

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Wow 😳 interesting

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