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Pro's and Cons of Using E-Wallets For Gambling


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Pros of Using eWallets for Gambling

Saves more money in the long run

  • eWallets typically have strong incentives to attract users, such as reward points that can be used to redeem discounts and cashback for future purchases made with the app.
  • With consistent usage of the same eWallet, you can save money without having to actively cut back on expenses.


Frees up pocket space

  • Using eWallets allows you to leave the house a whole lot lighter, with no need to carry hard cash, non-essential cards, or bulky coins.
  • This is particularly useful for women who tend to carry heavy handbags around. Using E-wallets also means you don't have to get your card out in public to deposit on a new casino.

Lower risk of loss or theft

  • eWallets often require multi-authentication processes to verify transactions, which can make them more secure than other forms of payment.
  • eWallets are not linked to your bank account or card, so any instances of hacking will not grant the hacker access to your funds in their entirety.
  • Not carrying physical cash also reduces the risk of becoming a victim of snatch theft or ATM robbery.


Cons of Using eWallets

Limited acceptance

  • eWallets can only be used at merchants who have partnered with the eWallet you are using.
  • This is not a huge problem with more popular eWallets, but it's worth considering when choosing which eWallet to use.

Highly dependent on your phone

  • The convenience of being able to pay via your phone also comes with concerns, such as your battery running out or poor internet connection.
  • This serves as a reminder that you should never rely on a single source of income or payment.

Can be a bit of a hassle to use

  • eWallets can be slightly less convenient than other forms of payment, such as forgetting to top up your balance or the checkout process taking longer.
  • However, this limitation might work in your favor by forcing you to second-guess unnecessary purchases.
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Thanks for the information I did not know of any benefits.

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