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Frank's Farm- Hacksaw Gaming- (26th Jan 2023 Release date)


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Human population is increasing and in a few centuries it will probably be over 10 billion unless there is nuclear war or some massive natural disaster! To sustain this amount of people, we may need to re-think our methods of food production. Solutions that have been proposed include conserving water, reducing food waste, and even utilizing robots. But have you ever considered entrusting the task to sloths? Sure, it sounds a bit far-fetched - sloths aren't exactly known for their fast-paced, high-output lifestyles. However, in Hacksaw Gaming's online slot Frank's Farm, players can find out what it would be like if a sloth were in charge of a farm.


Meet Frank, the sloth farmer, and his picturesque farm. Hacksaw Gaming has once again created an enchanting and fun game filled with cute animals, upbeat music, and food production that is straight from the farm to your table. But don't be fooled by the charming exterior - this is a serious gambling machine that operates on a medium volatility math model, the RTP is variable and changes if you buy the bonus on Frank's Farm, you can play on any device, and you can select bets from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin.

What makes Frank's Farm unique among Hacksaw Gaming's slots is that it is a scatter-paying game, in which you win when at least 8 matching symbols are in view anywhere on the 6x6 game grid. The most valuable scatter wins consist of 15+ symbols and pay 15 to 25 times the bet for the 10-A card royals or 37.5 to 75 times the bet for bees, fish, chickens, pigs, or cow symbols. Additionally, Frank's Farm features Market Multipliers, which multiply all wins while they are on the reels, and two bonus games that can be triggered. For those who want to take the fast lane, there's even a bonus buy menu.
Market Multipliers, as the name implies, multiply all wins while they're on the reels. If there's more than one Market Multiplier in view, their values get multiplied together before being applied to any win. The possible Market Multiplier values are x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, or x10.

The Order Rush Bonus Game is activated when landing 3 FS symbols in the base game, awarding players 10 free spins. Landing an additional FS symbol during this feature awards an additional free spin. Players are given orders to complete and they are displayed next to the reels. The orders consist of 1 to 3 symbol types with each symbol type on the order consisting of 10 to 24 symbols. As orders are completed, the difficulty of the next order increases and the minimum value of Market Multipliers increases by +1. The required symbol types for the order does not have to be a winning symbol, it just has to land on the reels.

The Diner Dash Bonus Game is triggered by landing 4 FS symbols in the base game, awarding players with 10 free spins. As in the Order Rush Bonus Game, each FS symbol that hits in this feature awards an additional free spin. In this round, a special Diner symbol is added, when this symbol hits, it remains sticky on the screen for the duration of the feature. The Diner symbol progressively collects the value of any wins that occur and awards its total at the end of each spin.


Frank's Farm players also have the option to buy bonuses if it is permitted in their region. Three options are available:

    Bonushunt Featurespins, costing 2x the bet, which makes each spin three times more likely to trigger the bonus feature. Maximum RTP is 96.28%.
    Order Rush, costing 100x the bet, max RTP is 96.39%.
    Diner Dash, costing 200x the bet, max RTP is 96.34%.

Scatter pays is one of the focuses of Frank's Farm and the studio has paired it with the multiplier feature. As in Pragmatic Play's scatter pay slots, such as Gates of Olympus, the multipliers can get quite high, but it requires more than one Market Multiplier in view to generate the lofty levels. Even on its own, a Market Multiplier can be handy when linked with a big cluster win.

During testing, the Order Rush Bonus Game proved to be the most enjoyable of the two. It wasn't too difficult to fulfill a few orders and increase the minimum value of the Market Multiplier in the process. The issue with the Diner Dash Bonus Game was that the Diner symbol was quite elusive, it didn't appear until the fifth or sixth bonus round. However, the way each Diner re-awards its accrued value on each spin is fun, and it would be even more exciting if the Diners were regurgitating sizable prize amounts on each game round.

Frank's Farm isn't one of Hacksaw Gaming's biggest slots, with the maximum payout being 5,000x the bet. The medium volatility and charming visuals may attract a different audience compared to games like Wanted Dead or Wild, Hand of Anubis, or Chaos Crew. It won't be for all players, but for the right players, Frank's Farm's charm will fulfill the order.

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unique slot!!

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I like the graphics, another all or nothing game hahaha. 

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