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No-Limit Hold'em- Understanding the Importance of Seat Positioning


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Many of you that play poker may understand this already but I am sure there are some that don't, the seat that you are allocated on a poker table can be very important! If you get an unlucky draw in the seating position then you can be heading for an early shower. So what are the various positions called at a poker table?

At a nine-handed poker table there are nine different positions. These are:

Small blind
Big Blind
Under the gun (UTG)
Middle position
The dealer (a.k.a. The button, or BTN)

You can see from the list above there is a position called the high jack and this is possibly the most powerful position to have at the table. The cut off is always the player to act last on both pre-flop and post-flop action. Under the Gun acts first pre-flop. The cut off position is also a very powerful position as you get to see all the action and if it is folded round to you pre flop then you can raise with a wide range of hands to steal the blinds, obviously stack size is important but playing this position well depends in what information you can read before the action gets to you. The Button is also a great position to be in as acting late on gives you an advantage in the amount of info you seize. But the position we are going to look at is the High Jack position as like its name suggests it can give you a very good chance to seize all the action!

The High Jack Position:

 Playing the High Jack position properly you should always consider the action that has taken place in front of you. If there has been a lot of betting before it gets to you and you have a mid range starting hand it is wise to fold the hand as you can assume the players betting have a good starter. But if it has been folded round to you or maybe even just one small raise, it is profitable to play almost any starting hand very strong from the high jack position. This can mean opening up 2 or 3 x or raising a bet in an earlier position.


If it is folded around to you and you raise and either the button or blinds re-raise you then it is up to you decide your next move, some players maybe aware that you will be opening up from the High Jack and re raise you with a mid range hand, 3 betting here is where you will need to activate your poker brain and start playing poker. Trying to work out whether a player has it or not is what poker is all about and bluffing or semi bluffing is a great way to chip up. The High Jack position is a powerful seat and if you are aware that players may just be playing your position then you can use this to your benefit and make some money.

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Thanks bro, the information is very valuable. 

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