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Horse Betting Strategies- 80/20% System


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Horse racing has been around for millennia and people have been placing wagers on the sport for almost as long. Over the years there have been many betting strategies thought up but in horse racing anything can happen! So this makes any strategy possible and likely to lose at times. There is always an amount of luck when ever you place a bet so always be careful and stick to your limits, it is often when you start to chase losses that you will find yourself in trouble and this can effect your life in many ways, so always keep gambling responsible and fun.


The 80/20% Strategy:

This strategy is a tried and tested method and is a great strategy to use if you are new to horse racing. The 80/20% involves picking one horse that you think you will win! So always do you research on the horse you are going to bet on, check form, jockey stats and how the going is and what the weather forecast is going to be on race day. Once you have chosen the horse that you think will win you divide your total stake into 2 parts. 20% and 80%, so to keep things simple you are going to bet 100 Euro's total on the race, 20% or 20 Euro's is going to be your strait up bet and you are putting this on the horses nose to win! The 80% or 80 Euro's is going to be placed each way on the same horse. Each Way means that the horse has to finish in the paying places, which is usually the top 3 or 4. You will receive reduced odds for betting each way but this 80/20% strategy is designed to give punters the best chance at making a small return even if their horse doesn't win and can be very effective if used over a long period of time. The 80/20% is considered to be one of the least volatile strategies which means you are not going to win as much as doing each way fore casts or tri-casts but in the long run it will give you the best return. Now obviously the best outcome is that your hose wins! Then you get paid for the place, e/w win and strait up win, so if your horse comes in @10-1 the you will 100e for the e/w place at quarter odds, 400e for e/w win and 200e for strait up win so a total of 700 Euros if it wins. Like I said above this strat is great for beginners and probably offers the best chance at profit over a long period of time. Hope this helps you to find a winning formula, Good Luck!

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i like to bet on everything but for some reason i just can't get into horse or dog racing, i guess i dont have the proper time to actually study them. 

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I can see that they are not easy like choosing the crazy time bonuses and making a prayer for it to fall hahahaha. Thanks for the time and information 

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