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Dead Canary- No Limit City (Quick Review)


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I am pretty sure that No Limit City are the only provider that would release a slot called "Dead Canary" and expect players not to batter an eyelid 😄 But this new game is in fact  the 3rd game in the Wild Mining trilogy! No Limit have again the real layout and in the base game this slot plays as a 3,4,3,4,3,4 reel layout.


Dead Canary certainly has a unique set of reels as this is the only game to my knowledge where the reels slide down and to the left, just like they are sliding down some old mining tunnel. All though spinning this slot in base game did give me a mild case of vertigo and left me feeling a little dazed and confused after I stopped but that may only be me.

As per standard for No Limit City you have a standard bonus and a super bonus, in this case they are the Dead Canary spins which cost 68x to buy and then the Golden Canary spins which cost 500x to buy.


When I first bought the bonus I thought that the idea was to keep the canaries alive but this is a No Limit City game and the idea of the free spins is blow the crap out of the little birds with dynamite or barrel bombs.


The canary free spins are pretty cheap to buy so should land every 100-150 spins in the base game I would think, you have to land 3 standard canaries to trigger the free spins and then the madness commences. It is basically a hold and spin bonus that can escalate very quickly! You start off with 3 lives and if they are not reset then it is game over.


Luckily the reels drop down kind of normally in the bonus so my vertigo stopped and when I bought the Golden canary spins I started to see the potential of this game. In the Golden spins the multipliers are a lot bigger and you can also land lots of other characters, they act like collectors and payers. The birds have 3 lives and once they have had 3 blasts of dynamite then the amount they are holding is added to your total win!


The action can ramp up really fast in the golden canary spins and before long you can find yourself collecting amounts over 1000x The game is not easy to understand what is going at first but this is kind of typical for No Limit games. There is also probably no need to say that this is a volatile game and the max win is capped at 65,000x


Overall it is another pretty solid release from No Limit and a great addition to the Wild Mining series, they have certainly made enough changes from the previous games to make this game feel very different but they have left enough in here so that players will know they are playing a game from No Limits Wild Mining series, pretty clever if you ask me. Good game worth a few spins!

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Thanks for the updated information, next year when I have money again to bet I will look for it. 

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Aye, this is a nice installment. Good to know!

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i really really like this game 

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