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Poker Bots!


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I have been playing poker online almost from the start, I think the first poker sites started  popping up around 1998 and I started a year or so after that. In the old days poker was a completely different game to what it is today. People played mostly premium hands and respect was given to players when they would raise or 3 bet. "Maths" and player strategies have been massively changed by leading streamers like Lex Veldhuis and others and I believe the strategies they are teaching new players are completely designed to benefit the card room, PokerStars in Lex's case. But that is by the by and I want to take a quick look at poker bots.

Now poker bots are exclusive to online play although some cases of this kind of cheating have been detected on land based casinos. Where players use ear pieces and have info fed from a 3rd party to help them gain info on other players. But online poker bots are smart and they are getting smarter everyday, they scan players betting habits and table behavior and add it to a data base that they can tap into to get reads on you when you are playing along fairly at home and there is nothing you can do about it as it is almost impossible to detect.


Now we all know that poker is a game of skill and a bit of luck, there is a reason why the top players seem to get to the final table time after time and that can't just purely be luck! It used to be that tracking data was the best way an unscrupulous player could gain an advantage on their opponent but now with the rise of AI and Poker bots running on algorithms that are way smarter than you, your chances of winning online have got way less than they used to be in the "old" days.

How do Poker Bots Work?

Poker Bots are basically software that you can download or create yourself and they essentially play the game for you. Most poker sites try and detect if players are using bots but it is very hard unless the person using them is dumb and leaves it running and making a profit for 30 days or something. Once you have downloaded the bot it uses a data base that would have been collected by tracking data and the bot combines this with all the knowledge and data available online about the game of poker. Poker bots are basically all the greatest poker minds that have ever lived combined. And then there is you the fun player that just wants to have a bit of fun and see if you can win a tournament. Tournaments can go on for hours, days even sometimes. You being a human will get fatigued, the bot won't. There are many advantages that a bot has over you and this can be extremely frustrating.

Using a poker bot is considered cheating and if you are caught your account will be banned. But this won't deter players from using them as if they are smart enough to have a bot playing for them then they can certainly make alt accounts.

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Very interesting this topic, open some video showing how it performs its function as it guarantees profits. I remember in my youth when I had a bot for the WOW game that did everything for me, while I was studying, but in that case I did not bet real money. 

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