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The picks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 3.00 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:

You can only take these bet types:

Team to win or Draw
Over/Under goals (Game total)
Both Teams to score


Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.
Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.
No Duplicate picks! All picks must be unique!
Odds must be between 1.50 to 3.00

The Prize pool is tiered,

5e free bet
5e free bet
5e free bet
5e free bet
5e free bet.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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world cup 

Croatia VS Brazil

Observation- Brazil is just a powerhouse scoring 4 goals in there last game and beating all teams they faced. Croatia will struggle to get shots on net and brazil will open it up once again as croatia's defence will have a hard time stopping brazil. Brazils only a 1.30 to win so since they are on fire with goals and this game should be no different.  I feel Croatia wont score here and the final score will be 3-0 for brazil. I have brazil to win the cup this year and its looking like they just might but they have a tough feild comming up and will be alot of fun soccer/football to watch in the comming days. 

Prediction is Brazil over 1.5 goals for 1.51



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JW and FLUSHA (eyeballers) vs NBK and KENNYS??

Is this 2015? This is a rematch between these 4 major winners! 

What a throwback, just like back then with Fnatic vs EnVy

Anyways, FALCONS has been doing horrible even after signing kennyS, they have been losing so many games which they should've won. After gaining a lead, the entire team slows down so much in the late game to the point where they can't even hold a position against 1 attacker/flanker. This isn't 2015, it's 2022 and there's always someone lurking behind! PLEASE understand this falcons.

EYEBALLERS has actually been doing really good. JW and FLUSHA although not as good as the past, they are still able to create so much impact enough to win the game with them on top. They have better form, tactics, players and stats its hard to believe that they'll lose against FALCONS. 


FALCONS @ 2.08

Even if EYEBALLERS may seem like the better team, I'm here for the kennyS legacy and his comeback. He's just starting to get back into CS after a long time of being benched. Surely they will redeem themselves this match, if they don't. 

Then FALCONS will lose all trust in their fans and everyone around them. 



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In the group stage the Netherlans scored seven points with a goal difference of +4 (5:1). Such a powerful football made the team the favorite in the 1/8 finals match against the US national team. And so it turned out – the Netherlands opened the scoring already in the 10th minute (Depay), and at the end of the first half scored the second unanswered ball (Blind). As a result, the Orange achieved a confident triumph with a score of 3:1. Denzel Dumfries became the hero of the confrontation – a goal and two assists. If you look at the game, then Van Gaal's protégés prefer to play the second number more – they lost possession of the ball against the Americans (42:58). However, the team is excellent at acting on counterattacks, as well as building protracted positional attacks, such as, for example, when taking the first goal against the States.

The sensational defeat at the start of the group stage from the Saudi Arabian national team to Argentina (1:2), the blue and white began to give only positive results. First, victories over Mexico (2:0) and Poland (2:0), and after the triumph over Australia in the 1/8 finals – 2:1. But is everything so smooth? Yes, a series of three wins and the presence of Messi in the team makes her the favorite, but the opponents in the group and on the grid were far from the strongest so far. The Poles showed, frankly, weak football, and the Australians were close to equalizing the score. Moreover, Scaloni was aiming for a quick goal, but it turned out to open the defense only in the 35th minute (Messi). Besides, if it wasn't for the keeper's mistake, there might not have been a second goal.

image.png.2918cae4580357f21c788301e2346f8f.png My bet: Both teams to score with 2.100 odds

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1. Famalicao are close to the lose Premier Liga with 11 points, nine of them at home. To be fair, the attacking figures are not the most attractive - only 11 goals scored in 13 matches with 18 missed.

2. The club managed to lose to Torrinsa with a minimum score of 0:1.

3. Tondela lost only one match in the current tournamnet, but nine draws in 13 matches lowered the team to tenth position in the second most important division in Portugal. Note that in away matches he concedes an average of less than one goal per match.

4. At the end of November, the club played a draw with Torrince (1:1).

Bet: Under 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.68



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The Netherlands is holding the current tournament well, but has not yet shown any particular ingenuity. The team had easy victories in the group round, and in the 1/8 finals it did not experience difficulties with the USA, having passed them just as easily. However, now the Dutch are waiting for a very formidable opponent, who will test the strength of the Europeans. As for Argentina, I believe that the team has very competently distributed its forces over the entire distance of the tournament and is adding from match to match. In recent games, the national team began to look noticeably better in defense, and the attack began to act more efficiently and relaxed.
In my opinion, there is a favorite in this match and this is not a European team. Yes, the Netherlands did not encounter any particular difficulties up to this stage, but there the opponents were no match for the current one. Argentina knows how to dry up the game and wait for their chance ahead.

My betting pick will be Argentina win 2.28 odds.


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Netherlands vs Argentina
Both teams to score? Yes odds 2.08


My prediction:

The Netherlands, as the shadow favorite, is steadily advancing to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. First place in Group A and a routine victory over the Americans in the 1/8 finals - Louis van Gaal's pragmatic soccer works. In the quarterfinals, the Orange will play against Argentina, whose goals are clear - to give Leo Messi a trophy at his last World Cup.

The Argentines have big ambitions, but will they be able to achieve them? Lionel Scaloni's team got past the modest Australians in the first eight, but then they face an opponent of an absolutely different level. The match against the Netherlands will be a real test for Messi and his team.

The meeting at Lusail Ikonik kicks off on December 9 at 22:00 Moscow time.

Tentative squads for the match Netherlands - Argentina
Netherlands (3-5-2): Noppert - Ake, Van Dijk, Timber - Blind, De Jong, De Ron, Klassen, Dumfries - Depay, Gakpo.

Not playing:

Argentina (4-1-2-3): Martinez - Acuna, Otamendi, Romero, Molina - Fernandez, Macallister, De Paul - Correa, Messi, Alvarez

Will not play:

Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Laos

In the season 2022/23 the Spanish referee has 12 matches under his belt: average total - 3,42, fouls - 21,83


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=> total under 3.5 yellow cards  1.69 odd

Netherlands vs Argentina.

Netherlands shows incredible tactics in placing his players in the right place. Playing as 3 centre-backs, Dumfries and Blind gained space on the flanks, providing good support to Depay with Gakpo. This is the chance for the Netherlands. Argentina has a more balanced squad, because at any moment Messi can turn the whole game around by giving the right pass to the cut. I think the intrigue from the first half with a draw will continue until the second half, where the players will make incredible moments.  Both team plays less fouls, they play fair game so betting on under bookings.


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