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Id like to celebrate my 420th post with some explanation of the relation to drugs (marijuana) to Gambling.

Being from canada,  it was recently passed that marijuana is now legal and allowed to be sold in stores. Since then a lot of studies have been done that prove marijuana is actually good for u and has many medical advantages . It's good for cancer patients with pain and the normal joe for helping with PSD and Stress. 420 is a common term used in the marijuana language, not to many people are sure where it came from but on 4 month 20th day is our national smoke marijuana day. 

Gambling is like a drug, its hard to stop, keeps u wanting more and more . Addiction is in almost everything we do everyday , as it may be gambling, drugs , eating , smoking or even just breathing we need to learn to control it because if we dont its loses the fun and it becomes an addiction. Its the feeling you get, you will chase that feeling forever if you cant find a happy medium.

Anyways just wanted to share this as it is my 420th post a cool milestone for me lol   

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I have no self control when it comes to gambling everytime I deposit 200-300.

The sudden urge to all in Crazy Time / any wheel game kicks in 😔 (i lose it all trying to get 1k balance for bonus hunts w/ friends as my viewers )

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