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The picks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 3.00 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:

You can only take these bet types:

Team to win or Draw
Over/Under goals (Game total)
Both Teams to score


Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.
Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.
No Duplicate picks! All picks must be unique!
Odds must be between 1.50 to 3.00

The Prize pool is tiered,

5e free bet
5e free bet
5e free bet
5e free bet
5e free bet.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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World cup 

Argentina VS Australia 

Observation- After watching the last Argentina game against poland it was clear that Argentina defence and offence are extremely good they had 73!% of the possessions. Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia but it woke them up and they have not conceded a goal against since. Australia did score a goal in all 3 of there last matches but up against Argentina it will be tough but they scored in every game so i feel they will find the back of the net . Argentina will surely score as well if i had to guess at the end score id say 3-1 for Argentina.

Prediction is both teams to score (yes) at 2.92 pinnacle 


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Netherlands V's USA, now I think it is only a matter of time before the USA score 2 or 3 goals in a game, the knockout match tomorrow means that which ever team loses is heading home. I think there is a good chance that the USA will start fast and try and score an early goal. If this happens the Netherlands will have to press for a goal and this will open up the match. I have a feeling there is goals for both teams in this game and if the USA score early then this pick should be a dead cert! Netherlands V's USA over 2.5 goals @2.30 on Bet 365


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The Dutch national team Netherlands had a very confident group stage in Qatar and in fact became the first in their group. The team is in good form and showed complete understanding between the players on the field. One goal conceded in three matches only confirms that the Dutch are good in defense, and the attack is at a high level. The opponent in the 1/8 finals of the Europeans came across quite easily and they should beat such an opponent? The United States cannot boast of such successes at the stage of the group stage and only in the last round secured a place in the playoffs, minimally beating Iran. However, the Americans themselves looked good in terms of the quality of defense and also conceded only once, acting quite competently in defensive formations. Now the American team is in for a difficult test, because in face-to-face match, the advantage is almost entirely on the side of the opponent.

In my opinion, there is a clear favorite in this pair and there is no need to expect much intrigue. The Netherlands had an order of magnitude stronger group matches and scored a good move. The United States has difficulties with the implementation and it is not a fact that the team will be able to print the opponent's gate. I believe that the Europeans will be able to snatch the victory in regular time and go to the next round of the tournament, given the advantage in class and condition.

My betting pick is victory of the Netherlands at odds of 2.00


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=> Hydra win 1.64 odds

Today we will bet the game of the hydra. Hydra can enter the tournament by beating unts confidently.Unt is a good team tier 2. I did not expect such a situation. Hf flew off yesterday from the ex-Zorko. I think that the hydra is much stronger here. By the way, Hydra managed to play at the shooting range 1 level. Hydra showed a confident game at Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 5 — it took third place in the group stage (only Nemiga Gaming, HellRaisers and Creepwave lost). In the playoffs, the Kyrgyz team first beat HellRaisers, but then lost to them in the lower bracket final. I think 2-1; 2-0 for hydra


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1. Trofenshe represents the second strongest team in Portugal, where they feel, to put it mildly, not very confident. After 13 matches, They takes the penultimate place in the table. The club is one point behind the zone of transitional matches, the saving 15th place is two points away, so the fight is still ahead.

2. In the League Cup, Trofenshe also played unsuccessfully in the first round, losing 0:3 to Braga.

3. Pacos de Ferreira is having a very weak season, taking last place in the Portuguese Primeira after 13 rounds. The position of the them is gradually becoming critical - they are seven points behind the zone of transitional matches, nine points away is the saving 15th rank.

4, In the first round of the League Cup, Pacos de Ferreira drew 1:1 with Casa Pia, thanks to which they are currently second in the group.

Bet: pacos de fereira win

Odd: 2


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ITB is decent but they are constantly shifting between players which is bad in the long run. To have them go against a solid long time rival as endpoint who has much more experience and 3 of their members being on the roster for 1-2+ years.

Based off H2H matches, ITB has had many different rosters but none of them has ever made EP go on the run for their money! 9 wins and 1 loss for EP. 
However, with how the recent games have gone, ITB has been playing far past expectations. Defeating forze, illuminar and n1ne in their last 3 consecutive matches. 

Endpoint on the other hand has been doing the usual. 50% winrate with some unfortunate losses and a couple good wins. Form of their players may not be peak as there are occasional accidents and misses.


i doubt ITB can keep up this game for long. All good things come to an end and EP will add another win to their collection. Thats just how CS matches go!

EP has more experience, players are statistically better and they have played against opponents much tougher. 

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Argentina vs Australia 
Over 2.75 odds on pinnacle 2.04 


Argentina and Australia will meet on November 3 in the 1/8 finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The match between the two will take place at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Will Messi and Co. be an easy favorite to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament?

Approximate lineups for the Argentina-Australia match:
Argentina (4-3-3): Martinez - Acuna, Molina, Romero, Otamendi - Fernandez, Macallister, De Paul - Messi, Di Maria, Martinez.

Will not play: -

Austarilla (4-4-2): Ryan - Degenek, Behich, Suttar, Rawls - Leckie, Goodwin, Irwin, Mui - McGee, Duke

My prediction:
The Argentines kicked off the World Cup in Qatar with a sensational loss to Saudi Arabia. For a moment, many soccer fans were worried that Messi would not even make the playoffs. However, afterwards, the South Americans pulled themselves together and beat Mexico and the Poles by the same score of 2-0. They won the group and got a modest opponent in the 1/8 finals, Australia. "Socceroos are severely inferior in class to the reigning America's Cup winner and are unlikely to be able to put up a fight. In the group, the Australians beat Tunisia and Denmark, but lost badly to France, 1-4. The Argentines must study the opponent's weaknesses carefully and deal with them easily. Messi and Co. have won seven of their last eight matches, all by two goals or more.


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While Lionel Scaloni's team does not radiate overconfident football. Recall that the South Americans started the group stage with a sensational defeat against Saudi Arabia (1:2). Then Messi and company won 2-0 against Mexico and Poland. The match of the 3rd round against the Poles in the performance of Argentina really looked cool: 25 shots at the goal of Szczesny (13 on target), 73% possession of the ball. But why didn't the Scaloni guys play like this before? Perhaps it is Poland that is so bad now? We will find out the answer already in the World Cup playoffs, but i would definitely not rush to record the Argentines as favorites of the tournament for one match.

Graham Arnold's team reached the 1/8 finals from a fairly strong group. Judge for yourself: in Quartet D there was the reigning world champion – France, as well as strong Denmark and Tunisia. After a disastrous start against Les Bleus (1-4), the Australians won two victories with the same score 1:0. So Arnold's team cannot be attributed to weak national teams in any way. Although against Argentina, Australia will face a difficult test in defense.

image.png.e416b56f7715c7a1fec0244016d117d3.png My bet: Argentina to score only 1 goal in the 1st half with 2.550 odds

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