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Twitch having problems with the new rule changes!


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It has been a few weeks now Twitch announced rules to clamp down on unregulated casinos Stake, RollBit and RooBet but what have they done and is it working? Well basically Twitch have tried to prohibit the above casino platforms from being able to advertise  on their site and they have done this by seemingly only to launch an updated Meta Bot that searches out this prohibited content. There seems to be no human actions involved in checking what streamers are actually showing. So has it worked?


Well not really is the answer. I mean the casinos in question are still finding their way onto Twitch in a covert manner. Some streamers are just simply hiding any casino logo, while others are redirecting them to Dlive with the promise of bonuses and giveaway's. Some streamers are just still openly streaming from crypto sites that do not have the right licensing conditions.

Other problems that have occurred are legit streamers that are playing on regulated casinos are having their accounts suspended. Take Letsgiveitaspin for example, he is was of the OG legit streamers and his account is still down on Twitch because the Meta Bot that runs through checking what is being streamed is probably not up to the job!

So why Twitch are you not putting more human resources in to this matter? When clearly you have had pressure applied to yourselves by higher up organizations like gambling regulators and even governments.

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the whole ban is completely stupid,  i do agree with not promoting gambling to a younger crowd but your right garf they will ban people that are following the rules and people that are still gambling on those sites get away with it. My opinion( which means nothing) is hottub streamers and asmr should be banned and slots community left alone . 


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