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The Wrong Slot!


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I am sure all of you have experienced this at some point probably many times for those of you that play slots often and I have seen this happen to Bonus Hunter also many times. You start your session off spinning away and have a few nice wins, you move to the next game have a nice win and move on but then you come to the wrong slot!

What I mean about the "wrong slot" is one that you start spinning and the bonus or big win never comes, your balance starts to dwindle and you are stuck in the loop of trying to get your money back. You might raise the stake and keep trying but the damn bonus never lands and if it does it only pays 10x or something. Like I said this has happened to us all at some point and it happened to me last night on Dog House Megaways, I must have put 6 or 700 spins through the game and NO BONUS! 

So as part of the forums community I thought it would be useful to come up with ways to avoid this, if we can avoid losing money then we all become better gamblers right? Below is a couple of ways I think that you can avoid giving all your money to the "wrong slot"


Set A Bottom Line!

When ever you come to a new game set a bottom line, by this I mean set a limit on how much you are willing to lose on this one particular slot. If you get to the bottom line then you have to force yourself to close the game and find another one. The reason that this is hard is because I am also sure that most of us would have pushed a game in the past and it worked out for us and we ended winning big- But this happens less often than losing all your money and it is important to remember this.

Set Auto Spins and Leave When They Are Up!

Pretty self explanatory this one and I don't really need to go into it but I think this is also a good habit to get into and I think this works if you find yourself on the WRONG SLOT!

If any of you have any other ways you think you can avoid losing on the "wrong slot" let me know in the comments, lots of brains is better than one 😄

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selecting a bottom line is my "go to" you have to know a limit and stick to it 


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