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Taking a Break From Gambling.


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Taking a break from gambling can be a really tough thing to do, well I mean a conscious choice to take a break anyway. Most of us will run out of money at some point forcing us into taking a break until the next pay check but is using the option of taking a break from gambling by your own accord a good thing?

Well I think the obvious answer is yes, although most of us will not like to do so. If we stop gambling we stop having fun and we also stop getting dopamine from our gambling, which I think is the biggest motivator to gamble. I have touched on the relationship between dopamine and gambling in past posts and you should probably take a read if you haven't already:

But taking a break where you are in control is a good thing all round! If you chose to stop it shows that you are in control and for long term gamblers like everyone on the forum staying in control is often the difference between winning and losing. As soon as you start to lose control of how much you are betting then you have lost, even though you may still have money in your account. Gambling providers and platforms know this and they will subtly try and induce the player to tilt, either with the near miss effect or other means. Staying in control when gambling is very important, if you stop having fun then this usually means that you have lost control and you should stop.

There are many articles from regulators and gambling charities to confirm this, you don't need to take my word for it but taking a break from gambling is something we should all do from time to time for many reasons. Taking a break is good for our mental health as being submerged in constant gambling can cause you to start losing touch with reality, gambling too much can cause problems with home and family life. It can also cause physical harm if you are gambling so much that you are not exercising. So for those of you that have read this far and if what I have written has touched a note with you, then try scheduling regular breaks in your play. You have to be disciplined and stick to your own rules but it is really worth a try and when you return to gambling you normally find that you have a clear head and maybe even win more. Use gambling streams as a way of getting your entertainment when on a break and see how it goes. You can also use gambling tools that all regulated casinos offer players to limit your play and help you take breaks.

Good luck and enjoy the break 🙂

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If the gambling doesnt fun anymore you should take a break thats the other reason why i manage to quit gambling little by little, if you lose much take a break and dont chase it 🙂

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Gambling is extremely hard on your mental, emotional and financial health but yet we still do it and it is so hard to stop.  Since losing is an essential part of the gambling experience, makes your feel sad and depressed, which is messed up but we still do it. basically gambling can be considered a drug and must be taken very seriously. play safe all  

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