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The picks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 2.50 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:

You can only take these bet types:

Team to win or Draw
Over/Under goals (Game total)
Both Teams to score

Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.

Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.

The Prize pool is tiered,

First Place will win 200€,

Second Place 100€,

Third place 50€.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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Most of my predictions are going downhill. So many unexpected things are occurring.


A team once frowned upon before for their lack of skills has somehow got up and has been playing better than usual in this WePlay series. They are currently second place and has 6 wins and 4 losses in Group A.

How? It’s all because of their IGL who top frags in EVERY SINGLE GAME landed atleast 1 kill on average per round. KD of 1.08.

The only time they lose is when the rest of the team lags behind and sleeps at the bottom of the leaderboard. Literally. They rely so heavily on jimpphat that it’s just hilarious. The thing I’m surprised of however is how he never fails to impress and continues to shine throughout.

jimpphat’s minions need to step up. (All 4 of them has a KD less than 1)


OG Academy:

OG academy suddenly starts performing better too and I mean each one individually although there is no clear carry, they all have their own impactful moments that wins the game.

As a team, they have much more experience together than Mouz and has a KD of 1 or higher.

They were once the bottom of all Academy Teams but now risen up to 4th place on the leaderboard and is currently on a 4 winstreak surprisingly defeating Navi Jr, Flames, Furia and Fnatic Rising in the process…



MOUZ NXT to win..

In a BO1 match, things go both ways and for this game. I strongly believe jimpphat wont even give them an opening to get the frags they need… he is the one key that will give his team openings and shut down his enemies whenver he has the chance.. 

jimpphat will carry as usual and will only need the rest of his team to step up to win.





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Birmingham City Vs Queens Park Rangers 

In the English Championship Birmingham City is going head to head with Queens Park Rangers starting on 28 Oct 2022 at 19:00 UTC at St Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium stadium, Birmingham city, England. If we see the table of English Championship we can see that Queens Park Rangers are at no 2 in the point table and Birmingham at no 14 on the point table. So their is great possibility for Queens Park Rangers win in this match as they played best games in the English Championship. On the other hand Birmingham City little bit of strangle in at Championship.So that i would say that QPR have the great possibility to win the match but their is 50/50 chance because this match will be played at Birmingham city Stadium so they also have chances of winning as they have home support and home environment advantages. So i will bet on Both team to score in this match. 

  So my prediction is Both team to score-YES(ODD- 1.80)


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=> EC BAD NAUHEIM win 2.050 odds

This match is after 24 hrs, Bayreuth Tigers vs EC Bad Nauheim, The away team is now in great shape. Having won three victories in a row and two of them over the fifth and third teams. They are currently in 6th position. With a goal difference of of good amount in 13 rounds. On the road they won half of the matches of them. Bayreuth Tigers is in last place, with a goal difference very high In the last five games, three losses in regular time and two losses in overtime. The team is in decline. Moreover, the last three defeats from teams that are lower than Bud. In home games 0 wins in 6 matches. Everything supports EC Bad Nauheim…


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1. It seems that in the current season of the Euroleague, Kk Crvena Zvezda is destined for the role of extras. The Serbs looked very bad in previous matches. They played more or less well only in the match with Panathinaikos. But even in this match it was not possible to get a victory (75:77).
2. There are no chnces for improving the game of In the last round, for example, they lost without a fight to Real Madrid (56:72).
3. Bayern completely crumbled. At the beginning of the season, they looked more or less good, but recent failures seem to have affected the psychological state of the team's players. Now the team from Munich loses not only in the Euroleague, but also fails in the German championship.
4. Over the weekend, Bayern failed to win agst Hamburg, losing with a score of 78:81. Before that, the Munich team also failed in the matches with Barcelona (73:84) and Olympia (81:83).

Bet: over 145 pts

Odds: 1.73


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Manuel Guinard had two difficult matches as part of the challenger in Brest. In the first round, Manuel played two long sets against 21-year-old player Tituan Droge. As in the second match, Guinard beat Kenny De Schepper.. Evgeny Donsko has already played four matches. He began his journey on this challenger with qualifications, where he won victories over Oscar Gutierrez and Martin. In the main matches, Evgeny beat Hugo Grenier and beat Arthur Fils too.
My betting picks will be Evgeny Donskoy win 2.06 odds.


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Philly VS Houston

Observation- Every first game of any series that houston played was a low scoring game, especially with Justin Verlander pitching , he is one of the best pitchers and has won the si young award this year for pitching.  Philly is pitching Aaron Nola, he is good as well and has a 3.1 ERA in the playoffs. The way i see this going is Philly is a batting team and houston is a pitching team so when houston puts in a week starter they will give up alot of runs but when they start their best there will be no runs. The last time they played each other the score was 3-2. I think the series will be won by Houston but philly has shown that they can play and i really do hope Philly wins but it will be tough.

Prediction is under 6 for 2.3 pinnacle 5c99b93912d0eb5e5b38cca9a7b0a6df.thumb.png.b4f53b9e7ab1ae0d6dfb9d6c5aa35184.png

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Denis Shapovalov avenged a frustrating three-set loss against Taylor Fritz in the semifinal of ATP Tokyo a few weeks ago by edging the Turin hopeful in a hard-fought three-setter in the second round of ATP Vienna this week. He lost control of the contest after a dominant first set but managed to raise his level and dictated the proceedings in the decider, 6-1 4-6 6-3.

Dan Evans looked a bit shaky against a struggling Oscar Otte in the first round but improved his performance and dominated the former world #8 Karen Khachanov in the second round, 6-4 7-6 and 6-2 6-2, respectively. Like his opponent Denis Shapovalov, the Brit also went through a dry spell in the first half of the 2022 season but seems to have found some consistency so far in the second half. He has posted five quarterfinal (or better) results since the beginning of the summer hardcourt swing and has an excellent chance of making the top-20 debut.

Dan Evans leads 3-1 (1-0 on IH and 1-0 in 2022). The Brit knows how to win this matchup, and expect him to have a fair chance in this evenly poised quarterfinal battle.

image.png.094cdb56c186c3f088147585a6526ba9.png My be: Dan Evans to win at 2.200 odds

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Federico Coria vs Giovanni Perricard

Under 2.5 sets odds 1.51


Coria made the quarterfinals for the fourth time in his last five clay-court Challengers. He will play against Perricard, who is ranked in the top eight for the second time. At the same time at the previous stage the Frenchman sensationally defeated an opponent from the top 150 ATP ranking.


Surface: Clay


Speed: 4/10


Current Coria rating: 73


Coria's win balance (2022): 37-31


Coria's win balance (ground): 35-25


Current Perricard rating: 397


Perricard's win balance (2022): 31-20


Perricard (ground) win balance: 31-17


Statistical facts on Coria vs Perricard:

Coria has lost at least one game in eight of his last ten bouts against under-21 opponents.


In six of the last ten meetings Perricard has played at least 22 games on the court.


Face-to-face meetings between Coria and Perricard:

This match will be the first in the history of the confrontation between the tennis players.


Forecast on the Frederico Coria vs Giovanni Perricard match:

Coria has performed well at the ATP level this season, reaching the semifinals in Marrakech as well as the quarterfinals in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Lyon. After a string of disappointing performances, the tennis player headed to the Challengers, where he won the title on the courts in Milan in late June. Frederico has been making steady progress to the decisive stages of the Challengers lately. In Lima, after a clear win against Haukes, the Argentine had serious problems against the 886th-ranked Buca of the world, losing three of his serves.


Perricard is currently one of the most promising juniors of his age. The tennis player is proving it with his performances at the adult level. The player has already managed to go from qualification to the semi-finals in Liberec, and in the last three tournaments he has played consistently in the main draw. In Lima the Frenchman beat three opponents above him in the ATP ranking. In the 1/8 finals, Giovanni left no chance for world No. 126 Hugo Corabelli, who made eight aces and did not lose a single serve.

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