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The picks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 2.50 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:

You can only take these bet types:

Team to win or Draw
Over/Under goals (Game total)
Both Teams to score

Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.

Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.

The Prize pool is tiered,

First Place will win 200€,

Second Place 100€,

Third place 50€.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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These odds for YN feels like a steal... too good to be true?


Ranking 111th, these guys showed a great start to the tournament prevailing BiG Academy and ENCE Academy with a 16-12 on nuke and 16-9 on OVERPASS respectively. The craziest part is, THESE MAPS for their weakest grounds to play on and yet they showed major improvement on these battlefields! I am now more confident that their advantages in mappool as been greatly widened!

I shamed them a lot before but this time it feels like things are finally turning around for them. Their form is peak and players all at the top of their game. Feels as if they can take any BO1 game right now.


SPIRIT Academy:

Ranking 251st (They fell down from 99th), after the roster change of one of their better players - H4SAN4TOR for Baaaazzz, fans and bookmakers have been very unfavorable towards them. This was even proven in some of their recent matches against other teams where they showed very disappointing results losing against TAG and HOTU miserably.

This is their first match in the Weplay championships and form is not looking too good.



Young ninjas is winning. There is just no other way. THEY CANT LOSE THIS. THESE ARE LIKE FREE ODDS21904859d87d1d8c18403f48623871a3.thumb.png.a7b866ab07593a827510c3f3cfd1ba23.png


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Brentford VS Brighton and Hove Albion

For the 2nd year in the Premier League, the Bees are confidently in the middle of the standings. The team does not have a strong squad and extra-class players, but takes its toll with a well-established game and clear team interactions. Now the team is in a slight decline, in the last three matches it scored only 1 point, having played 0-0 with Bournemouth. In the last round there was a crushing defeat from Newcastle 1-5, and a little earlier 0-3 from Arsenal. The only penalty goal against the Magpies was scored by team leader Tony.

Graham Potter left for Chelsea, and Roberto De Derbi was taken in his place. His last place of work was Donetsk Miner. Under the former mentor, the team has forced itself to be respected and often beats the favorites. Under the Italian coach, Brighton played a great match against Liverpool, led 2-0, then lost 2-3, but managed to pull out a 3-3 draw at the end of the match. In the last round, the team lost to Tottenham 0-1. De Derby has not yet started to change anything in the arrangement of Brighton. He also plays three central defenders, although he has always played with the previous teams with two.

image.png.ff7db2511f51cd57da5cadf75c69e885.png My bet: Less than 2.25 with 2.260 odds

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Mouz vs Movistar riders

I think both teams are very good first rate teams. Movistar is ranked 15 on hltv but lately they have only been losing like in the ESL pro league last month, they lost to 5 teams winning only 1 map out of 10 and that was with Liquid. It is clear that they are unable to keep up with the high end teams like FaZe, NaVi, Evil Geniuses and even Mouz.

Not winning a single map against Mouz out of 6 H2H matches. 
But the round gap is getting closer so they are improving. They finally broke out of their lose streak of 9 by beating Eternal Fire.

In this match, I think the game will be closer since the form of MoviStar in their last match is decent enough to make this a close game.



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Donna Vekic vs Aryna Sabalenka
Under 21  2.02

Donna Vekic of Croatia made it to the main draw of the WTA 500 tournament in San Diego through the qualifiers and reached the quarterfinals where she will fight with the third seed, Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus. Donna clearly has a chance, she is in great shape and leads in singles against Aryna.

Coverage: hard

Skin speed: 6/10

Current Vekic rating: 77

Vekic's win balance (2022): 25-18

Vekic's win balance (hard): 7-7

Current rating by Sabalenka: 5

Sabalenka (2022) Victory Balance: 30-18

Sabalenka (hard) win balance: 17-11

Statistical facts about Sabalenka vs Vekic:
Vekic has won her last four matches in a row at the WTA-500 level.

Sobolenko has won six of her last seven hard-court matches.

Face-to-face meetings between Vekic and Sabalenka:
Vekic dominates in their face-to-face encounter with a score of 4-1, the last time they crossed paths last year, on the open hard court in Tokyo, the Croatian won in a hard-fought match - 6:4, 3:6, 7:6.

Donna Vekic vs Aryna Sabalenka:
Vekic had her second great tournament this season, she also looked great on grass in Birmingham in mid-June when she reached the quarterfinals through qualifying, but here in San Diego her rivals were much more serious. The Croatian did not drop a single set to Sakkari and Pliskova, outplaying both with confidence and fair play. Thanks to high seeding, Sobolenko missed the first round, and in the 1/8 finals fought with local Stevens, but after losing the opening game, was able to reverse the course of the meeting and won the willful victory, while making only three doubles, which is insanely low for her this year.

Edited by Arou
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1. Their previous match ended in a draw 110:110, but in overtime the Toronto were stronger (125:119). It is impossible to single out anyone in the Raptors. All the players then showed a good game. Immediately three basketball players scored 13 points. Pascal Siakam, Josh Jackson and Precius Achiuva became the best players of them.
2. It is worth noting that after that victory, Toronto suffered two defeats. The team lost its matches with Houston (100:116) and Chicago (98:115).
3. Boston won the last match. A week ago, they defeated Charlotte on (112:103). A good game in that match was shown by Jaylen Brown and Derrick White. The first scored 19 points, the second - 18 points.
Bet: Boston win

Odd: 1.82


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=> total under 159.5 baskets 1.77 odds

Valencia Basket is ambiguously entering the new season. The team won the first two matches of the Spanish championship with a difference of no more than five points, but then two defeats followed, one in the first round of the Euroleague, and the second in the national championship. Lyon also started the new season unsuccessfully, the team suffered two defeats in the first four matches of the French championship and was also defeated in the first round of the Euroleague at home by Milan. In the last five matches between each other, the teams broke this total only once. Because both teams are not in the best shape, then I think that it will be difficult for the teams to break through this total.


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Entity showed a very strong game, without a chance defeating the Liquid and Secret team, which later became the best after the Last chance qualifer, which I consider a serious show  of the strength of the Entity team. Beastcost, in turn, played mediocre at the end of the season, went to tournaments with substitutions, and in general the team is much lower in level than Entity. I think that the team from Eastern Europe will close 2-0 here due to the individual skill and the overall macro level of the team

My betting pick will be Entity wins at 1.83 odds.


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NY Rangers VS Winnipeg Jets

Observation- The rangers are undefeated 2-0 and this is Winnipeg's first game of the season, The rangers are hot and scored 10 goals in the 2 games so i feel they will score alot and Winnipeg is good at scoring. The main reason for the over here is the Rangers are putting in a back up goalie (not there main goalie) so winnipeg should also score alot. Last season Winnipeg had one of the top scoring teams but just failed when it came to playoffs.

Prediction is over 7 at 2.47 

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Tottenham Hotspur VS Everton
In todays premier league match tottenham and everton face with each other at 16:30 UTC at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium stadium, London city, England.

Currently Tottenham stand  at position 3 and Everton stand at position 12 in the point table.Tottenham Hotspur win their last premier league on the other hand Everton lost their last premier league match.

Tottenham have the advantages of playing infront of their home support and Tottenham have some world class players like Harry kane, Son,Richardlison. The attacking of Tottenham is much effective than Everton.

On the other hand Everton is not as good in the away games. Infront of others supporters Everton cannot scores many goals. So their is less chances of victory for them.

So my prediction for this match is Tottenham Hotspur win and score over 3 goal by both of this two team.
Prediction over 3 goal( odd 2.210)


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