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WANTED(Dead or Wild)(Most wanted slot ever)


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The most infamous and maximum max win payer slot ever created i.e WANTED(Dead or Wild).It is indeed the deadliest slot of all the hacksaw provider.The only reason people play hacksaw provider is beacuse of WANTED.

             The most potential and extremely volatility of all the slots games ever existed and will be considered as the legend of all the slots.Either the slot has paid to the players or else made them pay the slot.Most of the time beginners suffered this ripped giving you dead spins after dead spins.But to those punters that really are into this game for hunting max win will always proved them worth spinning beacuse I have seen many of them being blessed with max win. I've seen high rollers like Trainswrectv and Roshtein getting max win with duel duel duel bonus with full screen 5 versus.This slot is still the highest payer and the most max win payer of all the slots .Even the small rollers with 0.20€ also win their maxx win with the duel duel duel bonus round with full screen 5 versus.For me it was not max win but i got my highest multipliers on this game with 1333x on a 0.60€ bet size.It was a duel duel duel bonus buy.

       This dope slot is a banger,juicer mcgooser and still continuing to pay some lucky players.Most of the casinos has even banned this slot from buying bonus game and even banned the slot.Wanted all the way; DOOL......DOOL..... DOOL.........!!!!!




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