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Evolution's Lightning Dice game is incredibly simple and addictive. The object of the game is to try and predict what number will come out when 3 dice are dropped through Evolution's dice machine. The lightning aspect comes from the lightning multipliers that are generated from Evo's RNG graphics. The lightning multiplier can hit any of the betting sections in play.

There are 16 sections that you can bet on as with 3 dice the minimum you can make is 3 and the maximum is 18. Rolling a three or an 18 is hard and these numbers have the largest payouts. The more combinations of 3 dice the numbers have the easier they are to roll so numbers 8-13 have the lowest payouts of 5x to 7x unless the lightning multiplier lands on any of these numbers. The easier numbers to hit tend to have lower lightning multipliers attached to them but the harder numbers can have a multi of up to 1000x. You have the option to bet on all of the numbers or just a select few. I like to play the first three numbers 3,4,5 and the last three 16,17,18 I think this strategy is the most volatile but it offers the greatest rewards.



Of course Dice is an old casino game, it has been around for years but Evolution have reworked the game to make a truly exciting and unique format. The "lightning Tower" and studio visuals make this game immersive and enjoyable to play. Evolution of course had to reduce the standard 3 Dice payouts in order to compensate for the Lightning multipliers but this certainly does not take any enjoyment away from the game. 

This live casino game is definitely worth a play and offers players the chance to win really big from a small stake, as long as you get lucky! Beware though try not to stay on this game to long as your luck won't last, the longer you stay here the more chance you have of loosing. Strategically I would use this game as a hit and run game, get in and out and hope your luck is in!

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I gave there 30 bets none sat down I'm not convinced of this 

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