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Support works in any licensed online casino and you should not ignore the support from the gambling site. The service for helping visitors to gambling sites is designed to provide answers to all questions of interest and explain points that are incomprehensible to the client. If you don’t know what questions to ask the casino support, then I will provide a list of the most relevant ones, which will help you avoid difficulties with the withdrawal of winnings in the future. 

What to ask in online casino chat before making a deposit?

The chat icon with an online casino representative is that element of the gambling site page where a player can click without hesitation as soon as he notices that something is not clear to him. If a person went to the casino, then he most likely intends to relax with excitement and place bets. There is no time to read various articles about the operation of the casino, as the hands are itching to make a deposit as soon as possible, perhaps receive a bonus from the casino. For the rest, support works on a normal gambling site and it reacts almost instantly. Now we mean that the player went to a decent online casino, but we will also consider the reverse situation.

Most often, a  gambling site manages to attract the attention of new visitors thanks to active registration bonuses. It should not be assumed that the casino just gives gifts. But the most important thing is that players make deposits and play, because in the long run, mathematics is on the side of the casino and nothing can be done about it.
We will focus on the moment when a player sees a bonus from an online casino, is going to register, make a deposit and play. But in the words of the advertising banner of the gambling site, the beginner feels some kind of difficulties. From this, alertness grows and, in general, they begin to raise doubts whether he understands everything correctly. Here you should pay attention to the online chat button with the casino. And if you can’t immediately formulate a question, then let the ALPHAGAMBLERS team help you with this.

What questions should you ask in the casino support chat?

Since AlphaGamblers team still has a lot of experience in the gambling industry, and by analyzing complaints about casinos and problems that often arise due to a misunderstanding of some aspects of gambling on the Internet, we were able to bring out a number of questions about the support of the gambling resources, the answers to which will be the most useful to the player.

The following questions for the casino chat you will need before taking the bonus will help you find out a few very important points: 

     1. Tell me if I have registered before - I want to avoid creating a multi-account?

Now there are so many online casinos that it is difficult to remember which account was created in. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with this issue. But if you take a bonus, and then it turns out that registration at the casino was carried out before, then the gambling company has the right to cancel all winnings. And that is exactly what it will most likely do.

    2. Is the bonus valid for my region?

It also happens that casino promotions are held for certain countries. And this, of course, will be very frustrating if you are lucky to win, and when you withdraw, you find out about the rule that excludes the player’s country from bonus offer.

    3. What is the size of the wager for the bonus? Is there a deposit wager?

Some casinos create bonus conditions that require wagering not only the free chips, but also the funds deposited to receive them. Of course, it is very unprofitable to “beat the wager” with your own money. Therefore, many players, having learned about such a clause of the rules, will simply refuse the bonus.

    4. What is the maximum bet allowed when playing for bonuses?

If you play at a bet exceeding the limit and win it well, then the winnings will not be withdrawn to you. Again, this will lead to a very unpleasant moment. Complaints were repeatedly written accusing the casino as fraud. But in fact, it turned out that the player was to blame - he did not find out the conditions until the end and hurried to place bets.

    5. In which games the bonus is not cleared?

There are categories of games in which the return is high and the casino visitor has a much better chance of winning. For example, table card games, video poker. It is unprofitable for operators of gambling companies to issue bonus chips for them, as this will lead to losses of the institution over a long run.
Also , for wagering, slot machines with high returns or certain features in the functionality are often not allowed. Therefore, it is very important to find out the answer to this question when playing for a bonus in order to exclude disputes and unfounded claims in the future.

   6. What are the withdrawal limits in the casino?

The rules of the casino prescribe the time frame and limits on the amounts that they adhere to when the player withdraws the winnings. And they do not always coincide with the desires of the player. Players want instant payouts but it all depends on casino. Not every online casinos are scammers so people should not panic and should wait. All have their own requirements and conditions.

   7. What documents do I need to verify my account?

It would be best not only to find out the conditions for verification at the casino, but also to go through it right away. That is, having learned the list of documents, upload them and wait for the verification to be completed before deposit your account with real money. In case of winning from bonuses, this will not only significantly speed up the withdrawal of funds from the casino, but also will not give the casino a reason to find fault with any details in order to delay the payment or cancel it altogether.

   8. Has my account been verified?

Try not only to get confirmation of the completion of the identity check, but also to clarify this point with the support. Believe me, there are no unnecessary questions for support , especially regarding the rules of bonuses, withdrawals and deposits, and even more so when it comes to checking documents.

Good support, bad support

In fact, the support service should help any player in using the gambling resource and explain each tab, any line written on the pages of the gambling site. In a normal casino, and not even with the highest rating, this is exactly what happens. Moreover, not only does the support explain difficult topics, it also makes it as understandable as possible. Such support of a good casino really helps , not annoying.

When the support is cunning, hiding something, using difficult-to-understand offers and trying in every possible way to confuse the player, then this is a demerit of the online casino. And having noticed such behavior of a support, you should immediately pay attention to the rating of the casino, read the reviews, look into the complaints section and see if there are any complaints about this gambling site, an important suggestion is not to deposit funds to the gambling account of such a casino in any case and in general not to go there anymore. Otherwise, there is a risk of being tempted by some kind of bonus, the conditions of which are not guaranteed to be valid. And this given the possibility of getting carried away and leaving money and time on the site of scammers.

Another option is that the casino's online chat is not responding. In this case, there is still a chance that the gambling site pays the winnings, only it does not have a particularly "lightning" support service. Some start-up online casinos save on support and this is an obvious omission, as it leads to a decrease in reputation for obvious reasons. But with the silence of the support, there is a reason to be worry, since most often it will be representatives of scam sites that will ignore requests.

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