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The pciks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 2.50 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:


  • Bet365
  • Pinnacle

You can only take these bet types:


  • Team to win or Draw
  • Over/Under goals (Game total)
  • Both Teams to score


Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.

  • Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.


The Prize pool is tiered,

First Place will win 200€,

Second Place 100€,

Third place 50€.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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=> Total over 20.5 games 2.21 odds,

I think that at the qualification level of us open the little-known American Valerie Glozman may well give battle to a more eminent Australian rival Madison Inglis. In the first round, the Valerie Glozman won 2-0, beating Dalila Jakupovic who was ranked 130s which clearly gave her confidence. Maddison Inglis, on the other hand, got a very hard victory in the first round, giving a lot of strength and defeating Ekaterine Gorgodze in the tiebreak of the decisive set, while losing 1 set during the match, so I think she might simply not have enough strength. Valerie Glozman is not that good in recieve but good in serving so I think total over will be good bet in this match. I am picking over 20.5 games but you guys can pick over 18.5 for lesser odds.


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allStars vs HONORIS


While unranked, they have lost 70% of all their games with each one always being incredibly close because they always fell short. It can be debated that they were just unlucky or perhaps, lack the mentality to finish the game off. During these last few rounds when things are going their way, the entire team seems to get desperate to end it once and for all. This causes a spiral of events to occur ultimately costing them the game...

OVERALL - Team is great but not so great at keeping the momentum.



Ranking 223rd, HONORIS is not the same team it used to be...

Once in the past a solid roster ranking 150th, they were dominating in their matches but soon fell off when new members were introduced and the old replaced as those guys were moving up the leagues. I highly doubt HONORIS can win this match given how bad they recently have been performing. The only thing allowing them to be the favorites is experience and supposedly 'statistically' better than allstars.


In this BO1 match, things go both ways. I'd bet on allstars as they have clearly showcased themselves to be more than capable.

ALLSTARS TO WINimage.png.27f6823a4d5726e8777cba980fbb009b.png

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Tennis Match: Henry Patten vs. Aidan Mayo
According to the odds at pinnacle: 2.390 on Mayo winning the match, betting on him.


Henri Patten and Aidan Mayo will play in the 1/8 finals at the ATP Challenger Granby, the match is scheduled for August 25, 2022. Enri Patten has a clear advantage in the ATP rankings, 359 spots ahead of his opponent. At the previous stage of the tournament, Enri Patten beat his opponent Kyle Seelig 2-0 (6-3, 6-4). Aidan Mayo previously faced Jiri Vesely and finished that match with a 2-1 victory (6-4, 7-5, 4-6). In his last 22 matches Enri Patten did not win a single tournament, winning 12 matches and losing 10. Aidan Mayo has won 2 trophies, playing 15 matches in which he won 9 times and lost 6.

Pre-match facts:
Enri Patten has lost to a lower ranked opponent in 2 matches in a row
Enri Patten has won 6 of his last 9 matches against lower ranked opponents
Enri Patten has played more than 22 games in 13 of his last 22 matches
Aidan Mayo has won 6 of his last 12 matches against higher-ranked opponents
Over 22 games have been played in the last 3 matches where Aidan Mayo has taken part
Less than 20 games played in 9 of Aidan Mayo's last 15 matches

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Football betting again and after sifting through all of the European matches tonight and looking on both Pinnacle and Bet365 it was hard to find a bet I felt comfortable with at the right price! I would have gone for the FC Twente V's Fiorentina match as I think this match has 1-0 Fiorentina written all over it but the odds were too high on Bet365 @2.55 and I couldn't find the match on Pinnacle but like I said I do fancy Fiorentina to win this match after winning the first match 2-1, I can't see them trying to hold out for a 0-0 they will want to score then defend. So after looking I found the Olypiakos V's Appolon Limassol game and I will eat my own shoes if Olympiakos lose at home and there is no way the home crowd will let them play out for a draw! It finished 1-1 in the first leg but with the home advantage I think Olympiakos have what is needed to see this one home safely. It would not surprise me to see them win by at least 2 or 3 goals. The match was under the required odds of 1.5 on Bet365 but I manage to find olympiakos win @1.507 on Pinnacle and that is my pick- Olympiakos win.


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This will be my pick for the competition. I will choose the match between Shuai Zhang and Alize Cornet. First, I will tell you my tip, then I will explain the preview of the match and the reason behind picking the bet. My betting pick is Shuai Zhang win 2.030

1. Shuai Zhang has been playing unevenly throughout the season, alternating good and bad results

2. But she seems to have gained form by the US Open. The defeat in Toronto from Halep does not mean anything, Halep was very strong there. 3. But in Cincinnati, Zhang defeated Osaka, Alexandrova and Kontaveit and played an almost equal match with Sabalenka. 

4. Alize Cornet won in Toronto against Garcia, who won in Cincinnati a week and a half later, but then lost to Andreescu, and in Cincinnati she took only one game from Stevens. Already in Cleveland, Cormet defeated Towson.

5. Both of them plays average in hard court but Shuai Zhang form is better than Cornet so picking her, her odds are good too.


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ITF Lesa Men. A game between Ignacio Monzon and Luca CastaganolaIgnacio Monzon, although almost twice as high in the tennis rankings, is not in the best shape today. Still not recovered from the flu. And in general, I think that the Luca Castaganola is stronger in form today. And the main plus for this bet is that the home court/audience should help Luca Castaganola. Moreover, Luka is 4 years younger than his rival. he is only 20 years old. And he is full of energy to conquer new heights in the rankings. It's a risk, but it's well worth it because I need points to climb up in ranking of betting comp.

My betting pick is Luca Castaganola win 2.20 odds.


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