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Scatter symbol in slot machines


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Scatter or scatter symbol

At the very beginning, we note that not all online slots have scatters. Sometimes their role (in whole or in part) is taken over by other special characters .

Did you know? There are usually no scatters in classic slot machines with three reels.
Tip: before starting the game, it is recommended to check if the game has a Scatter symbol. You can check this in the paytable.

Like other icons, scatter symbols fall out randomly on the reels it is almost impossible to trigger them yourself.


How to recognize the scatter symbol?

Even inexperienced players will be able to quickly recognize the Scatter symbol among the many icons on the screen, as it is a bright image and is often animated in winning combinations. 
Common naming conventions for scatter tiles or their alternatives:

  • Scatter
  • Free Spins
  • free games
  • Bonus

There are models in which the developers have moved away from inscriptions. Holy books, jewels, chests, animals etc. often act as Scatter symbols.


How the scatter symbol works in slot machines

How does a scatterer work? The scatter symbol is included in the group of special symbols, which means that its functions in the game are extended. Scatter icons provide the following benefits:

  • activation of free spins and other bonus games
  • combination of possibilities with the Wild symbol (picture replacement)
  • may further include a multiplier function.

If we talk about the demerits, then we found only one - Scatter tiles do not fall out as often as players would like.

How are scatter combinations paid?

If we talk about the most common scenario, then the prize is awarded for a combination of several Scatter tiles in any positions on the playing field even before the additional rounds start.
In this case, the minimum number of scatter symbols in most models is three (much less often 2 or 1), and the maximum is five. The more of them, the higher the reward.
The size of the bet is not always, but can affect the amount of winnings if the payment for Scatter symbols is not fixed. We also note that scatters usually have the highest payout ratios, which is why all gamblers adore them so much.


Scatters and free spins

As said above, Scatter is a symbol that opens access to the free spins round.
One scatter on the playing field, as a rule, is not enough for this. In most online slots, three scatters give access to free spins, but in some models it is necessary that 2 or even 5 scatter symbols honor the player with their presence on the screen.

Requirements for the location of Scatter icons on the reels also vary:

  • on the payline
  • on certain reels

Of the important to indicate that most often the number of free spins that the player receives is fixed, but it also happens that the number of free spins depends on the number of scatters.


The main, but not the only, task of the scatter symbols is to trigger free spins or bonus rounds. The number of icons required varies depending on the slot you are playing. Therefore, before starting the game, it is advisable to check the paytable so as not to be disappointed later.


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