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First time playing Crazy Time


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It has been a year since I started to gamble online, I always play slot machine like diamond phantom, sweet bonanza, and crazy coinflip but when my friend introduced me this Crazy Time, I love this game very much it is so entertaining. I remember my first bet was on Crazy Time only because that is the title of the game and I didn't know that it has only 1 slot in the wheel so the odd of winning when you only chose crazy time is very thin so I changed my strategy on betting and bet 2, 5, 10, and 4 bonuses. It was fun playing this game and addictive at the same time but luckily I have control when I gamble I always gamble responsibly, I'm not losing too much money playing and having fun when I get some profit or when I'm lucky I will stop betting and come back on the other day. How about you guys what's your strategy on this game?


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My first time on crazy time 2 years ago.. I hit 200x in 2-4minutes of playing 😄 ..after that i couldnt stop playing... lol

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